The Darts get Damned!




Step into the psychedelic garage of the Darts and prepare to experience a dimension of music like never before.  Thrills, Chills, psychedelic sonic sounds that will shake your senses and take you into another world—one that you never want to leave.  Filled with music and ecstatic sounds that raises your blood and shakes your feet with delirious pleasure.  

The Darts formed in 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona and immediately had the set the desert on fire with their sounds and energy.  They were signed to Dirty Water records after their second show and have been on a tear ever since.  The band features the line up of Nicole Laurenne on organ, vocals; Christina Nunez on bass/vocals; Rikki Styxx on drums/vocals and Meliza Jackson on guitars and vocals.  They released their debut LP Me. Ow. as a collaboration on Dirty Water records and Alternative Tentacles Records in 2017 and plan a new LP in 2019 after their tour.

  The Darts are going to turn up the noise to a new level as they take their show on the road opening for the legendary Damned Evil Spirits tour that will span the United States beginning October 17th in Boston and end in Los Angeles November 2nd.  The Damned released their first LP in over 10 years and celebrated their 40 year anniversary in 2016.   “We are going on a US tour with The Damned, recording our second full-length album, and planning our return to Europe in the Spring,” said Nicole Laurenne.  “We play a ton of dates starting October 17 in Boston and ending November 2 in Los Angeles, including New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Francisco… It is going to be incredible and a few of the shows are sold out already. It’s like a dream come true for us. All the dates are here:”


Getting to play with the Damned brings special meaning to the Darts and vilifies their work to date.  “Personally As a band, we are terribly excited to finally play the East Coast! And with sold out shows in huge venues and major music hubs, we are really hoping that the new exposure – to people who clearly will get what we do – will open some new doors for us. We would love to do more high-profile tours like this, see our songs licensed more often for film and television, and finally get to Japan somehow. Personally, I would love to get a chance to hang out with the Damned band members during tour downtimes and just get to know them a little. This business can get a little big and impersonal sometimes, but I really like to form more personal connections with people on tour. I have made a lot of friendships all over the world that have withstood years and band changes, just because someone took the time to get to know me a little. Nothing is more meaningful than that.”  I guess it feels like a validation of sorts. When you start a new band you just sort of throw it at the wall to see if it sticks. When The Damned aren’t ashamed to tour with us, to have our name on their posters, to support what we are doing, well, the wall just got a little stickier for us. Wow that sounded weird!”

Get ready for some surprises along the tour as well says Laurenne.   “We will be debuting a new tune so that we can prep it for recording in December, we found some sweet Halloween duds for our show in San Francisco that night (Halloween with The Damned at Regency Ballroom pretty much demands a new level of planning, or at least more than usual for The Darts who like to run barefoot everywhere), and of course all the usual slumber-party-style tour mayhem and insanity that every Darts tour brings.”

The Darts are pretty seasoned chicks. Jaded, almost. We know there’s no tour or any other peak a band reaches that guarantees any kind of new success. You’re only as good as your last encore. We all pretty much live in the moment as much as we can because we know anything can be fleeting and unpredictable. But we are having so much fun together, we can’t help but look forward to bigger and longer tours, meeting more fans, exploring all kinds of new cities everywhere, trying to find farfisa-welders in remote places, and writing a zillion more albums. It’s honestly a total blast.”

The Darts will be recording a new LP after the tour and have the same kind of energy and fun as they do touring. “The new record is set for recording in December and release approximately at the end of February. We’ve been having a total blast writing it together.”

Do not miss out on the fever and sounds from the Darts.  They are going to rock your socks off and leave you wanting more. Not only have they ignited the music world on fire with their music but have gained world wide recognition and have the music media raving with excellent reason.  They are creating music that is going to make you shake and rattle and roll and keep you filled with energy.  The music and musicianship is outstanding, intense, addicting, and cosmic.  It is grooving and cool and will hook you in a heartbeat.  Catch it and feel the beat.  You will be glad you did.

 With plenty of things in the works Laurenne says the future is bright.  “Our new guitarist, Meliza Jackson, came on board this past summer and has added a new level of sonic depth and stability to The Darts. Like a crunchy, distorted guitar version of that frosting they put between to cakes to make a layer cake. She’s like a new kind of glue that pulls us all together, sonically and personally, and we absolutely cannot wait for everyone to meet her. Come say hi to us at the merch booths after our sets, and make sure to pick up our records, as they are mostly imported from England and tend to sell out rather quickly. We have a new seven-inch record put out by Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys) and a new banner and logo designed by Stephen Blickenstaff (who designed The Cramps’ artwork), and we are beyond stoked to share all of this with you guys. We love that anyone is listening to this noise we’re making!”


The Darts (US) – “My Heart Is A Graveyard” [OFFICIAL]

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