Black Sabbitch


Black Sabbitch have been rocking the music of Black Sabbath delivering jaw dropping music that pays tribute to the famous super group.

Black Sabbath are truly legendary and one of the pioneers of rock n roll who featured Ozzie Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Bill Ward and Geezer
Butler. Delivering the same kind of intense and rivitting shows as the original Black Sabbitch have been carrying on the
tradition of Black Sabbath since 2011 and gaining plenty of acceptance and wows from Sabbath fans world wide and even
original members of the super group as they deliver captivating music that has left crowds in a frenzy.

Black Sabbitch are an all female tribute band to Black Sabbath based out of Los Angeles and include Alice Austin on vocals,
Emily Burton on guitar, Melanie Makaiwi on bass and Angie Scarpa on drums.

“Black Sabbitch is a group of women who all come from the world of original music, playing in and having played in some
very well respected bands, said Angie Scarpa. We’ve all made records and toured most of our lives and we bring to this music not only
professionalism but a reverence and love for it that I feel keeps it very pure. I think if you are a Sabbath fan you are going to have a very good time. We play songs that Sabbath never played or
played very infrequently back in the 70’s. Our set list is always changing so from night to night you’re going to get
a different show. Even if you know nothing about Sabbath we put on a real old school rock show and people always leave

The band have been able to capture the energy and vibe of Sabbath through the years and keep gaining more recognition for their effort.
“I think people really respond to the authenticity we bring to the stage and the reverence we have for the music. We try
less to copy the records note for note and more to bring a real early 70’s Sabbath concert to the stage. We treat these
songs like they are our own and I have always said I would never do this if it weren’t the real deal. Sabbath is a lot
more than a metal band. It’s what was under the hood that mattered. The swing and sway of their groove and their command
of varying tempos is something I really love and relate to as a drummer. They were a true band and so much greater than
the sum of their parts. People are always coming up to us after shows and saying how many times they saw Sabbath and how
very thankful they are that we are doing this in this way. Being too young to have seen Sabbath in the 70’s I basically
wanted to re-create it for myself.. sadly I only get to see it from behind lol.”

“At this point I think all of the original Sabbath members are aware of us. Last year we played Shepard Fairey’s 50
year Black Sabbath retrospective and Bill and Geezer were there. That was quite a head trip to think of 13 year old
me bashing out the War Pigs drums in her bedroom and now playing it with Bill in the room. It’s been great talking to
Bill about swing drummers and the influence they had on him and the Sabbath sound. Ozzy and Sharon booked us to open
Ozzfiesta a few years back and that too was quite an honor.”

The attention and support they receive only adds fuel to the fire with Black Sabbitch and inspires them to
work harder and dedicate themselves to making their show more memorable. “It’s always a good feeling when people you
respect tell you they are fans. Having Dave Grohl book us to play CalJam felt
great. A lot of drummers, who i respected and admired as a kid, are now my friends and it always pushes you forward
when someone, who’s playing you admired, treats as a peer.”

The band plan to learn every song that Sabbath played between 1969 and 1975 and take their performance world wide.
“More shows, More cities, More countries‚Ķ East coast to start the year, UK in the spring, Europe, Japan.. you name it.
We’re coming!”

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