Didi Wray does Tango Surf

Didi Wray is on a mission to spark a revolution with her music…..Tango Surf which combines surf rock with her native Argentinian tango like no other.  “Tango Surf is an authentic demonstration of how you can blend your passion and influences by getting a fresh sound that expresses yourself. You know what I mean? The sensual Argentinian cadences surfing the beat drum style is something that you need to hear more than something that you need to read.” 

Wray truly has a deep passion for music and creating Tango Surf.  “I´m a music lover. I love the community around it and that’s why I work untiringly. My message it’s more important than I and it´s first of all for the artist, and in the second place for the fans, for the people. I wanna tell another artist, that it’s possible. Never quit amigo. If you feel that flame on your stomach don´t believe in anyone that wants to turn off your own shine wanting to convince you that you are wrong to work for the music. For the fans I just have grateful words and I want to clearly let you know that musicians are nothing without you, we build this together and this belongs to us.” 

Wray has been at her craft since the age of 13 and has evolved since her first work back in 2011.  “I´ve been in bands since I was 13 years old. I was lucky and I had a very integral musical formation. I always felt free and happy in the academic music world and the ROCK AND ROLL SCHOOL.  Tango is the folk music of my country, surf and R & R is the natural voice of my soul.  I started this project jamming some classical tango melodies over a Surf Beat Drum and that game became my first work on the genre, Buenos Aires Go Go Go, recorded in 2011 (Bs. As Argentina) and released in 2019 by the label Otitis Media Records, from Texas. 
After that, in Misión Tango Surf LP you can hear an evolution in the genre with pieces %100 tango surf created by me.” 

Didi Wray is not directly related to her major musical influence but uses his last name to honor her idol and carry on his musical sound with her Tango surf.  “I have thousands of influences, in many, many different musical styles, but one of my favorite influences is definitely Link Wray, and that’s why I wanted to honor him by my last name stage. Fans always ask me about it, the question of the million is “are you related to LW?” The answer for everybody is no, I´m just a big, big fan!!!” 

“Inspiration is all around when you love to write music, but I like to print in music different landscapes and stories. Stories from my tours, the smell of every country that I met, the spirit of Brazil on my “Amazonic Hully Gully”, the speed mood of Santiago de Chile in “Pisco Saico Twist” and things like that.” 

“Music needs live music. Music lives in live music. So, the importance of playing live is so big when you love to share what you love to do… To share music and play for the people, and have fun with the people it´s the most intense experience that you can find in this business. 
How can you know this and not have a band?!” 

Wray plans to keep playing until her last breath and to build community with the music world. “I think the most important thing that an artist can achieve is to build a community around their music and work, connect with people and feed that inculcation. I’m happy to say that that´s my biggest accomplishment. Playing guitar until the day I die and get fun on the way. Alongside that, with the music I want all. And with life too.” 

Wray has plenty of things in the works this year.  “Well, this year I started to release a series of digital singles by my own Bandcamp, founding money for a new single on vinyl for the second part of the year. The basic work line is to spread the Tango Surf music and keep on building and growing this terrific community of fans, amigos, and some colleagues.  I´m also opening my own opportunity on the NFT marketplace with a unique token that will be available in the platform Open Sea in May. A super interesting idea for the fans who like to invest in this new promising business and. This is a one unique NFT token with a super rare draft demo song, a vinyl with the studio version, an exclusive animation from the Brazilian artist Leandro Franco, one exclusive DIDI SAICO SPLIMAT and a pdf with the chord sheet of the song is the full content of this PISCO SAICO TWIST NFT SPECIAL EDITION.” 

The biggest challenge is with myself. To every day improve myself as a human being. Working hard for what I love to do. To be tuned and awake as an artist and communicator. To learn day by day. And to keep on working, falling down a thousand times and getting up alone a thousand one more times. 

Be sure to tune in and catch Didi Wray’s Tango Surf and feel the power of her infectious sounds. “My music is all around amigo! You can buy a tape on my E-Store (didiwray.com) You can get some cd´s too on my Bandcamp and download some digital singles there too (bandcamp.com/didiwray) You can look for my music in Youtube, Spotify, all the digital platforms and also on the Radio if you have lucky!” 

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