Honky Tonk Angels -Not your typical Country band…

The Honky Tonk Angels are not your typical country band. Just listen and experience a live show and you will definitely feel a country vibe in their music but keep listening and you will feel something more. A edgy sound filled with vibrant energy and a whole lot of fun mixed in. And yes there are still plenty of country themes.

For lead vocalist and founding member Charis Thorsell getting to play surrounded with the line up she has was also a tough journey as it took several attempts to finally get a stable lineup together but now all is looking up in 2019. ” 2019 version? We are an original breath of fresh air in a cookie cutter world. Our songs have something for any music lover to enjoy, no matter what genre they prefer. We pray before every gig and before every practice. God is our agent and if he ain’t in the mix, ain’t nothing ever gonna work out. It’s up to Him. We put in the work, He gives us the talent, He closes doors, He opens doors.”

And yes, biggest set backs have been finding a stable line up. Keeping members who have the same ideas and vision and desire to make the band work. “Biggest obstacles? Finding people that want to stick around, share the same vision, and are willing to put in the work,” said Thorsell.   And for the past several months she has found great rhythm and harmony with fellow members that include Chelsea Bilbery on guitar, Mariah “Don’t Carey” Wudarzewski on drums and James Pack on stand up bass.

It is also about being original and the Honky Tonk Angels do have a few covers included in their live set but are an original band through and through and continue to work on new material for future shows.
“Definitely getting our song Angel’s Anthem recorded, among other songs. We are proud of all our songs, but we just really wanna get that one out into the world. We want to reach more ears and reach more people. Success means something different to every person, but our idea of success is to just make a living playing music. We consider success happiness right where you are, while still trying to get to the next level.”

In the meantime, the Angels have more shows to come and plan on doing some recording in the studio. Charis said that they are in the process of polishing their songs and getting ready to hit the studio.

My advice, check out the Honky Tonk Angels live and support them. They are not your typical country band and are good rock and roll and know how to entertain a club. You won’t be disappointed and will be coming back for more. Even if Country is not at the top of your list you might be in for a good surprise when you see the Angels. They put on a great show and have solid music and good originals. “We are defiantly not typical country because we incorporate so many other types of music into our sound. We just have a unique American sound. And most importantly we are not pop country. If we had a dollar for every time we heard the phrase, I don’t even like country, but I like you guys !


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