Catfight are on the attack with a heavy dose of tough girl attitude and style with plenty of rockin’ hooks that will have you rocking to their beat and joining their revolution!  

The three piece all female band out of Atlanta have been playing for 25 years and are back with plenty of energy and fervor rocking to a 60’s beat such as the Shangri-Las and Ronettes revved up with their own high energy heading into 2020 with a new release and video for Majority Rules in time for the elections this year.

Catfight feature Katy Graves on bass and vocals, Susanne Gibboney on drums and Jennifer Leavey on guitar.  They have released their first new material for the first time in several years.

“Catfight! has been around a LONG time!  We formed in 1995 and played regularly through 2005, releasing 2 full length albums (Kitty Glitter and Frustrated), a split album (Splitsville with the Helgas), and lots of singles and compilations.  We have played the occasional show since then, but we haven’t recorded any new material UNTIL NOW.”

“We just released our single, Majority Rules.  I’ve never written a political song before but the times seem to have pulled it out of me.  I went into a depression after the 2016 election and it has been really hard to be motivated to make positive change in an environment full of lies and backsliding on basic human rights.  This seemed like one way to speak up for change in a language we are comfortable with – punk rock.”

Catfight are taking their fight and movement to a whole new level and are committed to making a difference in the world with their music.  “We think it is really, really, important that we work toward equity – for women, yes, but even more so for women who face additional discrimination because of racism, transphobia, homophobia, etc.  We should be working toward dismantling systems of oppression. One way to do that is by having proportional representation in government. Even after big recent wins there are still only 21 female senators out of 100! Women are 51% of the population.  We have a long long way to go. Only very recently have there been ANY women running for president.”

And if anything, Catfight are ready to lead the revolution! “Ha!  Maybe revolution is more like it.  Things just work differently when different people are in charge.  It is fun to imagine what America would be like if our government reflected the populus.  Maybe we would think more about protecting the environment instead of being on a constant treadmill of economic growth.  Maybe we would invest more in education and health care and less in warmongering.”

“We need to do everything we can to vote more women into office.  Everyone can help with that and that is the theme of Majority Rules.  One line of the song is “if you lead, we’ll take you there” which is about supporting the women who are putting themselves out there as candidates. We have to support these women. They face so many more barriers then the male candidates and that needs to be weighed every time someone says something like, “I’m not going to vote for her just because she is a woman”.  We have to tip the scales somehow or we will never have equity.”

Make sure you tune into Catfight and listen to their great sounds and new message with Majority Rules.  You don’t need to be a girl to join their cause but if you are a woman then there is all the better reason to join their fight.  

“The easiest way to join is to vote if you can, but we also want people to interpret the song in their own way.  We have a lot of gifted filmmakers out there and making videos has never been easier. We’ve made Majority Rules available for free download on SoundCloud ( ) so people can use it to create their own music videos for the song.  

Even better, we’d love to hear the song covered in different musical styles and instrumentations, with different voices.  We hope bands and solo artists will make videos of themselves playing the song to spread the word and make it their own. The lyrics and chords are on the SoundCloud song page, as well as in the description of the lyrics video we made and posted on YouTube ( )”  “Keep rocking ladies!”

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