JENNER Deliver Test of Time….

Jenner are a band that create music set for these uncertain times–death, darkness, human suffering and fear.  The three piece band from Belgrade Serbia are a speed/death metal group who stay true to their metal roots and inspiration creating a solid hard edged sound that will rock your soul and have you begging for more.  

Jenner formed in 2013 and have not only stayed together for over 7 years but released a full length CD To Live is to Suffer and a three song EP this year with Test of Time on Inferno Records.  The band includes Alexandra Stamenkovic on guitar and vocals, Katarina Henc on bass and Marija Dragicevic on drums.

“Before Jenner, my sister and I had an all-female glam metal band in which I played bass guitar, and she played drums, said Stamenkovic.   After we disbanded, I started playing electric guitar. I wanted to form a band that will play heavier music, so I formed Jenner. In the beginning we played Judas Priest, Warlock, Grim Reaper etc. then Agent Steel, Exodus, Anthrax… Finally, in 2015. we released our first demo songs, and devoted more time to writing our own songs.”

Jenner was ready to make a big come back this year after a 2 year break but faced the pandemic like every one else and have had to readjust to the world situation.  “Thing are slowly turning back to normal, but it was rough period for most of us, especially musicians. We’re very sad that we had to cancel all our shows. We had a plan to make a big come back this spring after 2 years break. Considering that an even longer break wouldn’t bring us anything good, we decided to publish the EP anyway and promote all the songs from it on social networks as much as possible. We were lucky to film the video a few days before the declaration of the state of emergency in Serbia.”

The Test of Time EP cements the band’s history with truly impressive form proving that their first powerful release was no fluke.  This music truly rocks and is quality music that will rock your world again and again.  “Many people expected another album, but as I mentioned earlier, band was in a strange situation for past few years and that was impossible in every sense. So after I cleared my mind and made some important decisions, I concentrated on the EP and these 3 songs, considering that it’s better to have quality than quantity. Also, I’ve been in contact with Inferno Records’ label boss, Fabien Pinneteau all the time. He supported us from the beginning and collaboration with him was amazing, so we had a publisher right away. First song is called „Night without dawn“ and that’s the song we made a video for. It’s kinda combination of traditional heavy metal and thrash metal. Lot of people said that this is the best Jenner song ever, and I agree with them. This is my personal favorite. Second song has the same name as EP itself – „The Test of Time“. This is classic thrash metal track in which we have a guest on vocals, the singer of my other metal band Sigma Epsilon, and the writer of lyrics for these two songs – Emil Ivošević. He did a great job on this song putting a totally different energy in it with his powerful growls and screams. The third song is cover of the song „Young & Proud“ by Yugoslavian band Demoniac. When I first heard this song I immediately imagined how it would sound in our performance, and it was perfect. Of course, I must not forget the fact that Demoniac is the favorite Yugoslav band of our publisher, Fabien, and that they’re from the same city as us”

Jenner are keeping the metal scene vibrant and although it is a challenge to the band as Serbia is not the biggest metal scene around they remain true to their inspiration. “Serbia is definitely not the country for metal music. I think we are born in wrong time in wrong place. But, anyways, we do our best to keep metal alive!  I hope we will play more concerts in the future, and have more music to share with the world.”

If you love metal then you had better find Jenner.  They can be found on Facebook, instagram, Bandcamp and their label Inferno Records out of France.  Be sure to check out their videos and music.  If you love rock this is one band that will rock your world!

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