Space Girl

Are you ready to escape all of the mayhem in the world?  You can blast off with SpaceGirl…a band led by singer/songwriter Teresa Hart that is sure to give you a great space ride and lots of great music along the way combining rock, pop and punk that is a whole new kind of music in itself.  Yes, out of this world–cosmic space music!

Hart has released 2 LPs and several singles based out of Toronto, Canada set a Guiness World Record for a book signing with her release of “The Easy and Effective Guitar Method”.   Hart is not only a musician but an author, teacher, and producer with incredible talent.  And yes, can play some incredible guitar!

With influences including Jimi Hendrix, Lady Gaga, The Sex Pistols, and Nirvana, Hart says her music is in a genre of it’s own.  “What the world needs to know about SpaceGirl is the music is a new genre all of it’s own. It is a mix of Rock, Pop, and Punk with some spacey stuff mixed in.”  

She formed the band after having a dream.  “I formed the band from a dream that I had a few years ago that kept me awake for hours and explained to me that I needed to write songs in different time signatures.” “I have recorded most of the music myself and have done all the instruments and vocals. I had some great players on the “Virtual Reality” album. It was recorded live off the floor. The players were Seany drums, Razor-bass and Arky-keys.

 Hart says her music is inspired by events that are out of this world.  “My inspiration comes from many different sources but I think it is a spiritual futuristic realm not from this planet.”

Last year Hart went to London and was signed to Rock Solid Talent Entertainment and has her sights set on touring the world with dates in the United States and writing a new album.  “I would like to tour the world, hear my music played on the radio and win a Grammy.”

“I am presently recording a new album. The first single is “Space Love” and Spotify featured it as #1 on their Release Radar playlist. “CyberPunk Babe” is came out July 7th. You can find the video for this song and a bunch of my other ones on YouTube.  Right now I have been asked to help form a music school for lessons using my book “The Easy And Effective Guitar Method” which is available on Amazon.”

Time to blast off with some music from SpaceGirl and feel the intensity of her music and vibe! Yes, its truly intense, different, will hook you and… Yeah, out of this world!

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