Vollstin deliver Metalcore/Alternative

Vollstin have been delivering edegy alternative metalcore music since forming in 2011 by Alex Looby and are ready to bring their rock music to the area in 2021 after dealing with the pandemic blues in 2020.  
Vollstin inclue Justin Lab, Alex Looby, Anthony Looby and Justice Kalla and are from Canton, Ohio.   “We’re here to have fun, and we want everyone to be apart of what we do, even if its just enjoying the music we make, said Alex. We’re going to make an impact on music and hope everyone can find something they enjoy from us.  We wanted to play music simply because we enjoyed it. We all loved just jamming in my basement on the weekends after school. Though we were heavily inspired by the bands we listened to at the time. We wanted to be like them someday.”

As much as Vollstin want to someday gain world wide success as most bands aspire to, they feel a commitment to making an impact on the local music scene, if anything.  “-While we have goals to get signed, tour around the country and world and make a career out of playing music, we also aim to make a major impact on the music scene as a whole. We want to change how people view metal music and open up the genre to everyone. We want to make music that everyone can enjoy and listen to. We want to be a crucial element in the history of music.”
Vollstin released an EP “The Shallow in 2020.  “We consider The Shallow a culmination of different eras of Vollstin. The song “Restraints” was the second song we ever wrote after Justin joined in 2015. It gives the listener a story into the different styles we were influenced by and how we have progressed as musicians throughout the years as a band. We also have 2 singles currently available. Blinded and Red In Tooth And Claw. We will be releasing one more single this year as well.”

“A lot of our music has to do with our pasts and struggles that we’ve overcome. I think one of the reasons we all click so well is because many of us have experienced similar things in the past and we can all relate to each other. It honestly does bring us all closer as a band.”
“I feel our biggest accomplishment in simply the progress we’ve made from 2018 to now. We have comes extremely far in a very short period of time both as musicians and as a whole. Our favorite memory is the Show we played at Buzzbin in downtown Canton in December of 2018. It was the most fun we had playing a show and the entire audience was amazing to watch. every single person in the audience had as much energy as we did.  We hope everyone can find something in our music to enjoy. We’d love if you came out to a show! feel free to come talk to us, we’re always happy to hear from everyone, and to anyone who is a fan and supports us, thank you so much. We are unbelievably appreciative of your support.”

And you can expect great high energy music when you see and experience Vollstin live, says Alex.”You can 100% expect to have a great time. We give everything we can when we perform. There’s no act or mask we hide behind, we all love to play and the audience always feeds off of that energy. You won’t be disappointed.”

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