Haunting Music from beyond the Grave! Bat Hearse do the Bela!

Get ready boys and ghouls…..the Bat Hearse is coming and ready to take you away to a dark and erie sound. Bat Hearse is a wild and sexy gothabilly band that hail from Detroit, Michigan and include members from the Detroit area and from St. Petersburg Russia.

Bat Hearse formed in 2021 with Rick, Josh and Nina. They actually formed out of the Ruiners who began in 1997 lead by Rick Ruiner. They added Ajax to join on drums and Nate on upright bass. Nina immigrated from St. Petersburg. “We came together during the pandemic when some of the Ruiners were quarantined with elderly parents.  At first it was just the three of us ( Josh, Rick and Nina) writing goth songs, murder ballads and novelty songs with a darker bend than the raucous party destruction of the Ruiners.  Josh is a gifted riff machine.  We invited our dentist and friend (who is a really stylish drummer) “Ajax: to join us.  We found Nate in an advertisement while looking for an upright bass player.   He has a long history of playing rockabilly in bands in Utah.  We looked for  upright player as the songs became more rockabilly.”

Bat Hearse are already working on their second album. “We are currently recording our second record (in less than a year) with Garage Rock Legend Jim Diamond.  The next record will be much more speedy and maniacal than the last one.”

“We are equally influenced by the art of the insane, old western movies, AM Gospel and kitschy 50’s 60’s tv.  We mainly formed this band to investigate a primitive darker sound than we were doing with the Ruiners.  Ajax our drummer is in a cover band called the Thrillbillies that plays 50s type music at car shows.  He was looking for something with original music and visual imagery together in a project.  He is a world lass published photographer, videographer and artist–a true renaissance man.  He was the perfect fit to help contribute to the vision of the band.  He also plays drums to fit the song first and foremost.”

Bat Hearse is named after a custom built car created by Rick. “The band is a way of life.  The band is named after a car custom built and named by Rick.  He created the Bat Hearse in 2004.  As much as people have stolen the concept for the pitiful photoshop versions, he built that car first with a hammer, a welder, a dumpster full of file cabinets from behind the university and sheer will.  The band is similar in the respect that it was hand built with the right people, it can’t be contrived but built with determination and without restraint.”

Bat Hears and the Ruiners deliver awesome music each on their own merit and both equally a must see. Rick said, “Two bands is never ideal but if the vision of one band differs drastically, it’s better to have two than creative conflicts.  Both bands are wild and unpredictable live but Bat Hearse certainly falls more into Night Gallery than a keg party. The Ruiners is a stog and a beer mayhem.  Bat Hearse is much more seductive but equally dangerous.”

“Jungle Josh still whirls around like a kid with too much sugar and Rick still sets himself on fire in both bands from time to time.  Nina goes from party roll in the Ruiners to vampire in Bat Hearse.  Nina migrated from Russia and learned English.  Bat Hearse is a bit more suited for the old world accent.  Nate is a lumbering guy who almost dwarfs the upright bass.  In most cases the upright seems to overpower the operator–not the case with Nate and he’s an incredible musician and perfect anchor to the calamity of Jungle Josh.  The live shows will be dark and fun, dangerous and amusing.”

Bat Hearse are a must see and a band you do not want to miss. They deliver a sound that is addicting and cool, trash rock and dirty, wild and untamed that will make your heart beat and your soul go insane. This is a band you need to experience. “We are hermits and probably not as “out there” or eager for attention as we probably should be.  People can find us on Facebook and Instagram.  We have only played one show and are on dozens of radio stations around the world. Word sort of got out beforehand and we are catching up.  There are some hot videos of the band on YouTube.  We are really proud of those.  We will likely be recording on Halloween night.  We are also doing more music videos soon.  Rick scripts most of the stuff and Ajax directs.  Everyone in the band contributes something valuable to the artistic vision and performance.”

Not only do they know how to rock and roll but draw the inspiration from Elvis. “I read about a woman finding a toenail clipping in the carpet of the jungle room at Graceland and being certain it belonged to Elvis.  It would be something to clone him!  The truth is, Elvis is still the king of rock-n-roll!”

You will fall in love with this band with one listen! It is loaded with great songs and a solid rockin’ gothabilly sound that will hook you and threaten your sanity as you loose control from the wild ride and chaotic vibe Bat Hearse create. Ten solid tracks and you will be begging for more! They dig up the dirt and unearth the ghastly sounds with “Coffin for Christmas” and have dancing in the graveyard with “Do the Bella” and keep your bones rockin with “Beat it Creep” followed by plenty of more rocking originals like “The Day I Became James Dean”, “Bronz Fonz”–a tribute to the Bronz statue of the Fonz himself. “Go Little Bastard”, “I Fell in Love with a Dead Girl”, “Blood and Poison Ivey” and “The Day Don McClean Died” all will fill your soul with unforgettable rockin’ mayhem leave you wanting more! Not only do they have there music available online Bat Hearse bring the visuals to play with plenty of Batastic action! Bat Hearse are a must and if I die I want to be sure to go in a Bat Hearse!!

Bat Hearse on Spotify!

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