L A Witch will put a spell on you!

Get psyched for L.A. Witch–a band from Los Angeles who have a special brew of hypnotic, intense addictive garage grooves that is fueled with fuzz lo fi alt rock and surf that will put a spell on you with psychedelic goth blues. The band formed in 2011 and released their self titled debut in 2017. The band formed when Sade Sanchez met up with Irita Pa and Ellie English all connected and are making history as they pour out their souls and deliver a sound that reaches deep from the darkness of their hearts.

L.A. Witch are in the midst of a U.S. Tour that began in November on the East Coast touring with the Coathangers from Atlanta who they made a split single with on Suicide Squeeze records. Single features a cover of the Gun Club’s Ghost on the Highway with the Coathangers covering Blondie’s One Way or Another. They will resume their tour on the West Coast in mid January with the Triptides and the Tremours. Lauren Andino is touring as an additional guitarist with the band for live shows.

Irita remebers growing up in L.A. and listening to music on the radio when in the car had an impact on her. ” Spent a lot of time in the car growing up, so radio stations like K-Earth 101 we’re essential. They would play oldies, Motown, girl groups. I’ve always been into older music from the 50’s thru the 80’s.” Ellie said, “I grew up in the valley and there was a few places that allowed kids under 18 to put on shows. So from a young age me and my friends could go to shows and play shows. All the bands I played in in Highschool were different styles of music so it was cool to get to experience all these different kinds of playing styles with lots with different people.”

As for her punk roots, Irita said, “Being true to yourself no matter what anyone else thinks. I just try to feel out the groove and hope that everyone else can to.” ELLIE: the groove and the feeling is the most important thing.”

L.A. Witch are rocking it with sold out shows and a growing following and should be a band that is on your must hear/must see list. It’s a new year and in if you have not caught L.A. Witch it’s time you did. They are the best medicine for your music blues and will deliver delicious grooves that takes you to a whole new stratosphere as Irata says they are here to “Create something that people can relate to and connect with, especially when you play live.”

You need to get a taste of L.A. Witch. You need to experience their vibe and incredible sound. Turn out the lights…turn on the black light, psych lamp, turn up the sound and play L.A. Witch full throttle. They will do the rest and take you to a new dimension in sound and drive you wild from the inside as they take you to a psychotic buzz!

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