Conquer Divide!


Conquer Divide are back with a fury of power and intensity tearing into 2022 with a their new album in the works and a big tour delivering hard alternative rock with a passion that breathes life into the depths of darkness. The five piece band hails from the U.S., U.K. and Canada and have made a progression from melodic Metalcore to a excellent hard rock act featuring Kiarely Castillo on vocals Janel Duarte on bass and vocals, Kristen Sturgis on guitar, Izzy Johnson on guitar and Sam Landa on drums.

After going through a lot of ups and downs over the past few years they have followed their true passion and their love of music to prevail and come back with more power than previously. Their upcoming album may be one of the hottest releases of the year featuring the production of two time Grammy nominated producer Tyler Smyth and certified gold record producer Joey Sturgis.

Kiarely gave us insight on the band and new release. “We all have had a hectic few years and it has really brought us closer together. We took a break but now that we are back our new music is even better than before. We had some personal issues that we had to deal with as a group but it definitely made us all closer. Unfortunately it put us on pause, but definitely didn’t stop us from getting right back at it as soon as we could. Ironically, the thing that kept us together was something that should have torn us apart. We have a tour planned in early 2022 that we are so so SO excited for!! We also just finished recording album number two, and it’s currently getting mixed! This album is so good! I can’t wait for everyone to hear it. It definitely is more diverse than our last one and truly has something for everyone.”

Last year Messy was released referring to being in a toxic relationship. “Messy is inspired by the theme of a broken relationship. It touches on the way that relationships can change so slowly that before you know it, things are different and you don’t know how it happened. I love this song because you really can attribute it to any type of relationship, whether it’s platonic, romantic, or anything else.”

Chemicals was an instant hit with over 2 million streams on Spotify and hit #23 on the hard rock Billboard indicator charts. “Chemicals is one that I definitely feel so strongly about. A lot of time, artists are asked to sacrifice their mental and physical health at the expense of their craft. Sometimes “fans” even criticize artists for becoming sober, by saying insensitive things like “They were a lot better when they did xyz.” I’ve even toured with artists who are pressured into relapsing by fans bringing them drugs and alcohol and asking to party with them. Chemicals is about this balance that many artists struggle to deal with.
Writing Chemicals definitely dredged up a lot of feelings of unpleasantness and it still feels very close to home.” Kiarely added, “I hope that fans can recognize what is and isn’t healthy for their favorite artists, and keep their mental and physical health in mind. We are artists, performing and writing is our career, but we are also human beings with real emotions!”

For a band with all the success and positive energy they have amassed Conquer Divide have a 15 minute video on Youtube of all the “mean” tweets that they have received! Now it is their turn to get the last laugh. “I, hope we can inspire other girls to follow their dreams and never give up, even when it gets hard. In a more physical sense, I really just want us to tour more and get more of our songs on the radio!
Expect greatness, expect some bangers on the new album, and expect to see us playing somewhere near you (hopefully!) in the near future!!”

You can expect a powerful sound and great music from Conquer Divide and this is one band you need to add to your must see must follow must listen to bands. They will conquer your hearts and souls and keep you addicted for life! This is one band to experience and they will be touring throughout the United States in the upcoming months so make sure you catch them live as well as their Spotify, Youtube, and

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