Twin Atomic are rocking the area with plenty of great original music and have been bringing their intense brand of rock n roll for over a decade following their musical dreams and aspirations. They have formed a must see show packed with plenty of energy, excellent musicianship and a vibe that will hook you and have you seeking more and sharing a craft beer or a burrito at Taco Bell.

The band includes Trish on vocals, John burrington on guitar, Kurtis thomson on guitar, Mark on bass and Kevin Six on drums. The band rocks from Akron, Ohio, and have been brining their intense brand of fresh rock n roll to the area for over a decade and are delivering new material that is captivating and fueled with plenty of energy that is hard hitting and will keep you coming back for more.

“I think all bands are different, yet somehow the same”, said John. “We have our own unique story to tell, but honestly we’re like most local, original bands out there. All of our band members live that double life of working full-time professional jobs, but that need to create music has to come out somehow. We focus that into the band. We’re doing all the things that there are to do when you are part of something like this. We’re gigging, we’re writing & creating, we’re selling merch, we’re promoting ourselves and genuinely just wanting to share our music with whoever will give it a listen. Our band mates are the family that we choose to create with. We like to hang out together and drink craft beer and eat Taco Bell.”

Twin Atomic blossomed and grew with original music and released 1 full-length album, Megafeel released in 2016 and 2 EPs, with Spare a Thought EP in 2018. They have become a fixture at the Annual Akron PorchRockr Music Festival ever since it began and have kept the band together for almost 10 years which is a major feat of itself with hopes of overcoming the obstacles of life and hitting the road and touring to spread their music as far as it will travel. “We all had played in previous bands from different branches of the rock genre, so the mix of our talents and influences brought together the Twin Atomic sound. This could be the reason for our somewhat bipolar grooves from song to song which is one of the things about our sound we pride ourselves with.”

Twin Atomic have new music in the works. “We’ve just completed recording 4 new songs at Akron Recording Company (ARC).  These recordings are songs that we wrote during a writing retreat that the band did in 2021. The goal is to get these songs on a full-length album with some other songs that we are currently writing and developing.  At this point, we have ⅓ of the album done. We are writing a lot, trying to catch up from missed time together during the pandemic. We are gearing up for a huge party to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Twin Atomic.  Everyone is invited! Stay tuned for more details.”   

As for inspiration they refer to television shows. “One of our new songs is about how nothing good happens after two in the morning, inspired by the TV show “How I Met Your Mother”. Like a lot of musicians and songwriters we get inspiration from the world around us or our life experiences and how we might be feeling in a particular moment.  Another new song is about the way that the societal norm is for people to achieve burnout status like it’s the ultimate prize and the toll that it takes on the people to live up to that lifestyle. We try to keep it light and funny.  We never take ourselves too seriously and I think it shows in our music, lyrics and stage presence.  We want people to have a great time listening to live music.  We also touch the hearts/ears of trained musicians. They can appreciate the technicality and the intricacies of our music because they can understand what is going on. We like to rock it out and get a little gritty, but we also like to be a band for all ages.  A couple of our band members have kids and we want the kids to be able to attend shows or we want our band mates parents to come to our shows and have a great experience.”

“We hope to be relevant with our music and grow our fan base and reach throughout the local and not so local music scene.  We hope to continue to play out live energetic and fun shows as well as write,  produce and record our brand of original rock to the masses. We love playing our music as well as our take on covers. We’re a fun band that loves good beer and supporting other bands as well. We go to shows together and love opening for bands we love. We hope to keep this train rolling so that we have as many people possible to hear our music and fall in love with it  as we strive to write something for everyone who loves the rock genre.”

You can find Twin Atomic online on their web site, Facebook, Spotify, iTunes, Sound Cloud, Reverbnation, Youtube and tune into the Summit FM and 88.9 The AlterNation. Twin Atomic are fueling the fire of the Akron Music Scene with their great music and shows that are a must see and ready to take the world by storm one Taco Bell at a time!


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