You need Tiger Sex!  The question is can you handle it?
Tiger Sex is a hard edged dynamic band that unleashes a furious assault on your senses with high powered, over the top, in your face rock and roll filled with rebellion and animalistic fueled music that is not likely to be on your parents play list.  Yeah, this is something that you can inhale at your own risk and feel the energy and power overcome your heart and soul and lift you as only music can and send you into a new dimension of time and space.  

Tiger Sex hail from Cincinnati, Ohio after forming in Las Vegas a in 2013 with Kelly leading the attack on vocals and powered with the raw guitar work of Kei and the solid beats provided by Troy.  The band combine for an intense edgy garage sound as Kelly unleashes a full fledged sexual musical assault loaded with rebellion and high charged dirty rock N roll displaying flashes of Cherie Currie, Wendy O’Williams to Iggy Pop.  Unrelenting high powered garage psych rock at its best with influences that include The Stooges, Little Richard, The Cramps, The Beatles, Etta James, Black Flag, Velvet Underground, Chopin, NY Dolls, Howlin Wolf, Link Wray, Ramones just for starters.  You can feel the vibe and energy of their powerful wall of sound that will keep you rocking from start to finish and then some with plenty of attitude from Kelly to the hard hitting sounds of the band that defy the current musical standards. “I’ll eat your face attitude for sure! says Kelly.  We always want to give 100% no matter what!!  It’s really a matter of taste, I like the raw, fuck you attitude and how good people sing without effects etc but I also like the low fi rockin guitar solos and riffs. 70s punkers has their influences from Blues to the classics to garage. I love the sounds they created in that time.” 

“I always loved 70s Punk Rock and Kei is the garage rock guy (guitar), when we decided to start a band together we combined our tastes/what we think we wanted to do but it evolved into our own sound. It fell together naturally, there was no plan.”

You can rest assured Tiger sex are turning up the heat in the cold of winter and ready to take their wildness on the road from clubs to festivals and overseas.  More new material is on the way to follow up the 2018 release of Weirdo featuring 10 raw and energetic tracks. Weirdo was recorded and mastered by William Gilmore Smith, former guitarist of G.G. Allin’s Murder Junkies and of the Chrome Cranks. They have been getting plenty of raves wherever they go and living up to every bit of the hype as well.  And here is my hype…wow…check this band out…and if you need to smoke a cigarette or Vape after you are done!

Looking forward with Tiger Sex this year Kelly said, “We plan to tour and play more festivals. We want to reach cities we never been to and go back to cities that we haven’t been to in a long time. Also more recordings and videos to come! Rock’n’Roll at its dirtiest and still kickin’ hard!! Continued growth in our tunes and a killer live performance! We are totally diy and will continue to work hard to play everywhere possible. We will have some singles coming out soon but in the meantime catch us live to understand us! -TIGER SEX”

So my advice is to see this band live and inhale strongly and get their CD.  Both are something you need if you have rock n roll running in your veins and want to catch a good buzz from the sound of music.  This will do it and take you beyond the ordinary. If you listen to today’s radio music then be prepared and do some shots first.  I am just warning you!  But truly, Tiger Sex is about rock N roll and deliver with a fistfull of attitude! Yeah, there is sex but then there is Tiger Sex….feel the difference and for more about attaining this check out their site that also includes Tiger Bites which is Kelly’s own cooking show (actual food recipes)…filling not only your mind and soul with music but you belly with something tasty!


You haven’t had sex until you have had Tiger Sex……raw and full of passion–be sure to get get your today!!

 has all links including a DIY cooking show.