Lords of Highway Interview

Lords of The Highway

Hell Bent PBR fueled Rock…

The Lords of the Highway have been tearing up the music scene in NE Ohio and abroad with their wild and untamed high energy rockabilly for years and have returned with a hot new release  ‘More Rock Than Billy’ and an intense harder sound that founder Dennis A Bell says is “not your grandpa’s music.”

“As mush as we love old Rockabilly, That’s not what we play.  Countless times I’ve been told we are not Rockabilly OK, Were fine with that, We try to book shows that are traditional sounding.”

The Lords are out of Cleveland, Ohio and include Dennis A. Bell on  Guitar, Vocal; Stompin’ Matt Sauer on Drums, Vocals; and Action Al on Upright Bass and Vocals.  They have played with Reverend Horton Heat, Southern Culture on the Skids, Hank III, Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers, Dick Dale, Nekromantix, Tiger Army, El Vez, Hasil Adkins, Lee Rocker, Ray Condo, and many others.  They were also voted top rockabilly band in a readers poll in 2010 in Scene Magazine.

Since forming the Lords of The Highway back in 1992 Bell has seen plenty of members pass through, recorded and played countless shows, toured and made film and movie appearances and is still driving full force down the road with his music that is raw and fresh and pulling in new followers along the way. 

The new line up of the band was just formed about two years ago which is when the band actually recorded their new LP and just released it in February.  ” (More Rock Than Billy) was recorded 2 years ago, After we recorded the main tracks we just sat on it, WE as a band sound so much better now, We should have waited  a year & half & just busted that CD out. Lesson learned!  I Love Rockabilly But we are moving forward or changing which is fine, The stuff we are working on now is even harder, Once again totally fine with this.”

And when it comes to inspiration, a true love of rock and roll, “PBR  (Pabst Blue Ribbon) & other beer,” says Bell.  Goddam shes Hot is about a Girl that I would have loved to be involved with but was married at the time no I don’t mess around probably my only redeeming quality as a person.  Creeper Stare is about Al the bass player the way he has a tendency to look at girls.  Getting sweaty with the Yeti is a  True story,”

As for upcoming plans in the works for the year, Bell said, “Non of our CD’s have a title track. Thats’ what we are working on all the songs for the next CD will be songs of previous CD titles.”

“If you Have or haven’t see us in awhile please check us out again we are such a tight & oversexed band.  High energy!”  And don’t forget to add some PBR for the experience.  You can leave the Heinichin with someone else because these guys are fueled by PBR and blue collar rock that is now filled with a new edge you need to experience.  A live show is a great time and worth your time. 


Check them out at   https://www.facebook.com/lordsofthehighway/ and Reverbnation.