Forever Onward



Music fueled by friendship

Forever Onward are a rock band that bring more than just years of musical experience to the stage–they have a true and deep passion for the music they play and it shows. Blues rock that features original music and offbeat cover songs make seeing and experiencing their intense sound a must see.  Not only do they play with experience but also as tight friends which only makes there music stronger and greater intensity.  Add in a deep passion for music and you have a formula for success.

Forever Onward take their name from a quote from legendary guitarist Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin however are a band making much more than a quote in music but a statement with solid rock and roll.

The band includes guitarist Phil Dalessandro, bassist Vince Carpenter, drummer Jay Maffei and Nick Voulgares on vocals.  Together they are a force to be reckoned with creating a solid tight sound and excellent musicianship with high energy fueled by a passion for the music they play with a potent mixture of blues, rock, jazz and soul.  “We are a group of seasoned musicians with original compositions as well as covering classic Rock and Blues music.”

The members all share classic rock bands as musical influences from Led Zeppelin to Cream and having parents who raised them on good music as well.   “I truly owe my love for musical diversity to my parents for exposing me to such great music through my childhood,” said Nick.  Jay said,  “As a kid I really wanted to be a part of rock and roll music after experiencing the music my parents played on a daily basis.”

As a band they plan on working on an original album and play out in the Ohio area and build up a loyal following.   “Complete our album,  To keep Rock and Roll alive, and gain a following of people who enjoy raw  live music.”

Forever Onward bring solid rock and roll with a different edge inspired by experiences in every day living which anyone can relate to.  “Every-day life, human experiences and music coming from the heart and soul.”

“We are an all- American band who wants to be on your on your website or upcoming events. We will fulfill an evening of music fueled by musical passion and friendship.”

Forever Onward are one band you want to catch live.  They have plenty of raw energy on stage and musicianship you need to experience live.  Be sure to follow them on Facebook and see them live when they play out.  You won’t be disappointed and be coming back for more.


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