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Darkness Rains

The Death Valley Girls are back with a vengeance and ready to cosmically distort your perception of life with their new release Darkness Reigns.  They have just released their third album and have joined forces with Suicide Squeeze Records for the release and have not hesitated to step up their game with a full frontal attack on the new album.  They also kicked off a full trans-American tour on October 12th and are hitting the Mideast the beginning of November and is one act you don’t want to miss live because they will truly rock your soul and make your heart skip a beat and shake your senses and move your feet.  After joining L7 for their tour last spring the Death Valley Girls are out on the road headlining their own tour and are one band you need to experience live and in stereo.  

Death Valley Girls are Bonnie Bloomgarden (vocals/guitar), Larry Schemel (guitar), Alana Amram (bass), and Laura Harris (drums).   Additional players were included on the recording of Darkness Reins including Shannon Lay, The Kid (Laura Kelsey), and members of The Make Up, The Shivas, and Moaning.

The Death Valley Girls turn the theme to death on Darkness Reins features ten intense tracks that will take your breath away and charge your soul with darkness and eternal bliss of subsonic sound you will soon be addicted to.  “it’s theme is death and for people to not be afraid of death.  To have a good time while we’re here ,  the world can be a dark place so treat each other with kindness.”

Joining forces with Suicide Squeeze is a perfect fit for the Death Valley Girls and the Coathangers are an influence for the band.  “Yes, The Coathangers have been a band we’ve been inspired by and it’s not only for their music but the way the conduct themselves and when we were looking for a label we thought to ask Coathangers about Suicide Squeeze and luckily the stars aligned and we found ourselves on a great label with our friends!”

In addition to recording the album the Death Valley Girls released more videos in support including for the track Disaster is What Were After which features the legendary Iggy Pop who actually had bee plugging the band on a radio show.  This was a big honor for the band who have long been inspired by his music to actually have him in support and work with directly on the video.  “A dream come true! Hanging out with Iggy at the video shoot was amazing, he is truly one of the coolest and nicest guys you could ever meet.  Watching the final video was crazy! It was such a surreal experience so when the video was done we watched it and when he said our name at the end it was like we won an academy award or something!”

Darkness Rains is loaded with heavy, edgy, chaotic, raucous, mind bending, psychotic soaked, rock and roll and one record you need if you live for music and have rock and roll in your blood.

One thing is sure, the Death Valley Girls are all about their music and passion for rock and roll.  Taking their show on the road makes it even better getting the live show in front of their fans and delivering a show that makes for a great experience.  What fuels their fire?  “Our love of rock n’ roll and the excitement of touring and playing live!”

Believe me, the Death Valley Girls are a must see and put on a memorable show that will shake your soul and make your heart pump.  Don’t fight it…that is what it is all about and if you haven’t figure it out yet this is one band you do not want to miss live or on your I-pod…no advice here, directions, get their music, find a show and let them seduce you with their music.  You will be glad you did!

Death Valley Girls “Disaster (Is What We’re After)” (Official Video)
Death Valley Girls “More Dead” (Official Video)
Death Valley Girls “(One Less Thing) Before I Die” (Official Video)
DEATH VALLEY GIRLS – “Pink Radiation”

April 2018

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