The Coolies


Three hot chicks with guitars who rock and wear no underwear?  It’s the Coolies and they are going to light up your summer with plenty of hot music driven out of the garage and plenty of tasty sounds that will hook you fast and do it all in 3D!  And no underwear!  

The Coolies are three friends who are a natural fit together and when the opportunity to form a band was in the air it was a done deal.  The band feature an all star super girl group including Kim Sattuck and Melanie Vammun of the Muffs/Pandoras with Palmyra Delran of the Friggs and as a solo artist make this a special group, described by Wicked Cool records owner Stevie Van Zandt as trashpop, garage girl supergroup!

The Coolies just released their debut EP “3D” on Wicked Cool Records  in late July featuring 6 songs.  Kim and Melanie recorded their tracks in West Coast  studios and Palmyra who is on the East Coast who recorded her parts at Stevie Van Zandt’s Renegade Studios in NYC with GRAMMY® Award-winning engineer Geoff Sanoff (Fountains of Wayne, Stephen Colbert) who also mixed the EP.

The Coolies CD is filled with plenty of great music and hot rock and roll that will shake your senses. It’s an out of this world experience and the kind of music you can’t get enough of….yeah, you will be a Coolies junkie!

But while you are filling your soul with these great sounds you will also be helping the band with a bigger cause–fighting ALS disease.  All of the income from this record are going to help fight ALS making this even more special.  “We donate 100% to the ALS Association. This is the best reason for being special!” said Sattuck.  “ It severely runs on my dad’s side of the family. It’s a horrible, scary disease I would not wish on anyone. They need to find a cure now!”  Melanie said, “We’ve all been affected by someone enduring this horrific disease.” Palmyra added, “ We’re committed to raising awareness about ALS and raising money for research for treatments and a cure. It’s time.”  

The Coolies bring a new beginning for everyone in the group. “ It’s the first time I’ve been in a band with Palmyra. I’ve been in a few bands with Melanie, “ said Sattuck.  Vamen said, “I’ve been in the Pandoras and Muffs with Kim and I play in Palmyra’s band on the East Coast. But now all three of us are together forever Coolies!”  Delran said, “It was definitely the right time for us to be in a band together!”  

And the band hinted there is more to come with a possible full length CD, this is the start of something new!  Palmyra said, “We love working together, so why stop!”

And a little friendly advice from the band to others who dare to rock.  Kim says, “Do not copy anyone, do it yourself and your way, and then you can do it!”  Melanie adds, “Just be yourself, stay true to what you believe in and don’t be afraid to try something you thought impossible!”  Palmyra added “Cut your nails!”

“I just want you to know about ALS and then you can cure it, said Kim. The number one priority for us all is not only ALS but not wearing undies!”  “Take time to live life, laugh and of course love The Coolies!” says Melanie.  Buy our EP and dig it knowing your money is going towards research to help find a cure for ALS.”  Palmyra said, “And don’t forget to shake your coolie!”

Who can argue with that?  Get your coolie shaking with the Coolies!  This music is the kind of stuff you have been waiting for to happen and the kind of stuff these ladies produce is intoxicating and addictive.  The kind of music you need more of and great reason to support this group and keep them coming back for more!

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