The Anti Queens Unleashed!


The Anti Queens are a band with eight tits and no dicks but have plenty of hard balls that create energetic hard edged rock mixed with grunge and punk full of attitude and an awesome sound that will keep you tuned in to every last drop of music they deliver.

The Anti Queens have been cranking out their hearts for over 10 years with solid rock and roll inspired by Joan Jett, L7, The Distillers to Nirvana and have plenty to be excited about in 2019 with a new album release in September on Stomp Records, a video and a tour to follow.  There single is Worse Than Death off of their new LP. produced by Steve Ruzen features 10 great tracks filled with energy and great musicianship with a chemistry that is off the charts.

The band was formed by Emily Bones in Toronto in 2008 and have gone on to release two albums and play several major festivals  including the Montrealfest 77 with Bad Religion and Pennywise and have toured extensively to make their claim as a staple in the scene and are ready to continue their assault on the world as a force in the music scene.  The band includes Emily Bones (lead vox/guitar), Valerie Knox (lead guitar/vox), Taylor Cos (bass/vox), and Dallas Conte (drums/percussion).

“The world needs to know that we will see it soon! We’ve been at this a while and we’re stoked at what is happening for us now. We’re happy to have the opportunity to travel the world and meet new fans and see new places. It’s a good time to be us right now.”

The Anti Queens are more than a hobby for each of the band members.  They are committed to making this their lives first and foremost and have been at this over ten years and have no signs of slowing down.  “Emily Bones started the band with a completely different lineup over a decade ago. Over the years you really get to see what it takes and what you’re willing to put into being in a band to keep you going at it. The deeper you get you realize “yes this is for me!” Or “maybe I want to be a lifeguard instead”. All of us have a rich history playing in bands spanning back to the early early 2000’s, and everyone’s individual dedication to creating and performing punk rock brought us all together to make the Anti-Queens you see today.  We’ve taken some giant steps this year for sure! We’re happy to have signed a two-album deal with Stomp Records, which was kind of our dream label. We couldn’t wait to get back on the road and the record deal has helped. The label is looking at distribution deals in the US and Europe as well, and that will bring our music to new audiences for sure. We’re lucky enough to be playing a bunch of cool festivals this summer as well. Those were all goals that we have accomplished and we just want to keep it going.”

You will want to mark your calanders for September 13th (Friday the 13th) when they release their debut on Stomp Records.  “We’re really excited to share this with people. It’s definitely an Anti-Queens album, cranked up to 10. It’s being produced by Steve Rizun, who has produced albums with the Creepshow, Comeback Kid, and the Flatliners among others. People can expect in-your-face punked up rock and roll with some hooks! A lot of the album is about rebelling against the crap that society and some of the shitty people in it put you through. It’s fun and fast. Slow and dark. It really captures a lot of life’s different emotions and we think a lot of people will have an easy time relating to it. It’s inspired by our individual personal experiences over the last year, and we think that raw emotion and energy really shines through in our performances on the album.”

The Anti Queens are a band that have what it takes to succeed and are a band you need to get behind and support.  “It takes work and dedication for sure. It takes passion. Also, a love of poutine and nachos. That’s non negotiable.”

Be sure to get the album and see them live.  I was lucky to catch them live and am still buzzing over their show—several months later!  This is a must see band if you love rock and roll with an intense edge.  Get the new LP because if you don’t ‘it’s a fate worse than death’.  Yeah, one LP you need to have in your music collection!  And it is always great to support a band who also happen to be great friends doing what they love  and have the same mission!  “Travel the world and spread the gossip. I meant gospel. Although gossip works too. In all seriousness, supporting this album and continuing to aim high. We love what we do. The lack of sleep and empty bank accounts don’t factor in when we’re on stage playing our hearts out. See you on the road! 🖤”