The Headstone Horrors


Are you ready for some horror?  Horror punk that is….delivered straight from the grave with the Headstone Horrors!  Its horror punk on speed with psychobilly reved up and ready to rock your world with plenty of haunting themes delivered from this Nottingham band from the UK that includes Nat on Vocals, Jimi on guitar, Paul on bass, Luke on drums and Joey on lead guitar.

The Headstone Horrors formed on Halloween in 2012 and terrorizing the music world with their fast paced energetic horro punk ever since with influences that include The Creepshow, Calabrese, Tiger Army, Nekromantix, Horrorpops anything horror.

And this band gets a little deep when it comes to their writing and the progression of the band is actually linked together.  “Jimi:   I think people miss the fact that the 2 albums and EP are all one horror trilogy. All the songs are linked, and we have recurring characters. From ‘Tales from the Murder House’, we leave the house and go to ‘Road to Purgatory’, which is where we arrive at a town full of all sorts of trouble, ‘This Town Called Purgatory’.

“We Play fast” says Nat….”Fast musical horror songs”, Jimi said. “It’s fast, balls to the wall punk rock, laden with horror film samples. No time for a breath …and plenty of cider!”

The latest release is Tales from the Murder House, which Jimi said, “Is a  cross between House on Haunted Hill and American Horror Story Murder House. The majority of songs on the album mention this fictional house, where strange things have happened. I wanted it to be a musical version of an anthology of horror book.” A third album is already in the works according to Nat.   “We’re hardworking, don’t take ourselves too seriously, and hope to keep spreading the horror punk infection at any venue that’ll have us!”

Jimi said,  “Myself and Joey (lead guitar) also do a horror film podcast called ‘The Madhouse Podcast’ where we discuss a different film each episode. Check it out on iTunes & available podcast download sites.”

“We’re on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon music, Apple music & various other online download & streaming services, said Nat. You can also buy stuff directly from us at or and at shows.”

Be sure to catch up with the Headstone Horrors as they deliver the chills, the thrills and great music that is fast and energetic and filled with horrific content in a good way.  Grab some cider and turn up the sound with the Headstone Horrors…..for Halloween or anytime of the year this band will rock you!

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