Beware! Witch Rock is coming for you!


Get ready for witch rock and roll from Damn The Witch Siren a eclectic rock duo out of Columbus, Ohio ready to put a spell on you with their magical beats and layered synthesizers that will take you into a new dimension of sound.  It is synth-pop rock and roll fused with punk that is addicting and hypnotic with a hard edge that cuts like a jack hammer sending an intense vibration down your spine.  

The band just released a single this past summer and went on a west coast tour.

They include Bobbi on vocals, guitar and synth and Z Wolf on synthesizers.  The two were drawn together by music and a inner connection that had to happen and together created the band.  “We were both in different bands before this and when we met we pretty much immediately wanted to work together. It happened very organically,” said Z Wolf.  “We’ve both loved music our whole lives, I think it was a very natural gravitation for both of us. When I was 15, I was shopping for a video game and I stumbled on a software where you could transcribe sheet music on the computer and compose your own songs. I bought that instead. Five minutes into using it for the first time and I was done. It was a hallelujah moment, like- this is it. This is what I’m doing with my life.

Bobbi’s told me similar stories. She used to practice being a rock star in her bedroom. Later she went to school for theatre and dance and ended up getting a guitar and joining a band. We met because we were both active in the Columbus music scene. Originally I was just going to produce her solo record for her, but we ended up working really well together, so here we are.”

Damn the Witch Siren is more than your typical synth-pop band.  They combine synth pop with punk, rock, and goth to create their own brand of music they term witchcraft rock.  “This has been a tough one the whole time we’ve been doing this, haha! We call it Witch Rock for a lot of reasons. We both kind of hate genres, we don’t want to pigeonhole ourselves. Mostly it gets referred to as electropop, but I think our live show especially is way more rock and roll than it is like other forms of electronic music. I understand that people have a need to categorize and compare things all the time but we really do a lot of different kinds of music. Most of it is predominantly electronic, but there’s no rules. We use guitar, piano, real drums. Some journalists have dropped words like “EDM” and “bubblegum pop” when describing us, but our most recent single “Soft and Blue” is this dark, moody piano song with a trip-hop beat. I don’t think we know what we are and neither does anybody else, so Witch Rock will do.”

Getting deeper into the band’s psyche is the beauty and the beast as Z-Wolf wears his wolf mask on stage as the beast and Bobbi delivers the beauty.  “Yes! We’re all about self-expression, feminism, and equality. We want our live show feel like a celebration. We try to make everyone feel loved and feel sexy and feel free to be themselves. I think this is hugely important, especially in the modern world and with our current political climate. Like, if you’re a band in 2019 and you don’t have a message for people, what the hell are you even doing? Just go away and make room for somebody else then, we have work to do.  Bobbi would explain her feelings on this better than me. I think I summed it up as best I could in the last question. As for the wolf mask, I love all the different interpretations people have of that. Yes, it’s a tip of the hat to Beauty and the Beast and our general love of fairy tales. As I said before, it’s mostly just our freedom of self-expression. I identify as a wolf. I love wolves. I like animals more than I like people.”

Brace yourself for a great musical experience you will not forget when you hear Damn The Witch Siren.  Make sure you see them live as there show is more than just a musical experience but a live club experience that will shake your soul and move your feet to their hypnotic beat.  Damn right…Find them at http://www.damnthewitchsiren.com  



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