She Wolf


She Wolf are a fresh rock band out of Melbourne, Australia who are not only comprised of three sisters but who happen to be tripplets.
They include Cassandra Vlahos on guitar and vocals, Nikki Vlahos on drums and vocals, and Serena Vlahos on vocals.

The sisters actually began playing together at the age of 11  and their father bought them real instruments and from there the band formed in 2014 and deliver a raw and energetic rock sound with influences that include AC/DC, INXS, Heart, Vixen, Pretty Reckless,
Orianthi and Deep Purple.  

They choose to name themselves She Wolf because it embodies female empowerment and with a fierce sound is a fitting choice.  She Wolf released their debut LP The Other Side in 2018.

“We are three sisters who grew up loving rock music and we decided to try and make it our own,” said Serena.  For us music is a passion, and as long as we can enjoy music and play it for people who also enjoy it, that’s the dream.  “Honestly, it was just a fun idea we had as younger kids, and once we started we never stopped.”

One thing is certain, they all share a deep passion for music and are committed to doing the work to succeed in music. Serena says they share “A mutual drive to work hard at music and start performing music. There’s no better feeling than performing and having people enjoy your work and we were hungry for that as young and inexperienced musicians.” 

Serena warns not to overlook their intent and mission. “That we’re serious about the craft. We’ve had people question what’s important to us and we always say it’s about the music first, and then the image.  I think a lot of female bands face the same problem as us. As a musician you want to be taken seriously, and sometimes women aren’t.” 

The band’s debut album released last year was a three year effort. An intense album that leaves no doubt of the quality of music She Wolf deliver.  “It was written over a very long period of time, and we feel that as you listen to it you can go an emotional journey. 
Each song has a different emotional pull and was inspired by a different time in our lives.” 

The band is currently doing a break from the electric material says Serena.”We’re playing a lot of acoustic gigs at the moment, and we’re really enjoying playing around with a different sound. 
It’s nice to break away and work with different musical mediums.”

As for the future for She Wolf Serena said, “We hope to keep writing and also perhaps play around with our sound moving forward. We would love to branch out and grow as musicians by pushing ourselves past our own boundaries.”

And for advice to other women musicians, “To any ladies out there who want to pursue their passion for music, don’t let anything stop you. Go after it relentlessly!”

If you are seeking some fresh rock and roll with a heavy dose of intensity then make sure you find She Wolf and catch their wave.  You won’t be disappointed!  “Stay tuned, there might be some surprises on the way!”

We’re now on Spotify, so feel free to look up our album “The Other Side”.



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