The Black Widows

If ever there is a band to create a great vibe, not only get the party started but end it on a high note, and melt the ice of winter….
it’s the Black Widows who deliver a great sound and songs that will keep you up rocking all night. They have the rad hooks, the looks,
the style, energy, and a perfect formula for great music that will have you rocking into the night with an intoxicating
vibe that is inescapable.

The Black Widows who hail from Minneapolis formed in 2015 and include Corinne Caouette on guitar, vocals;
Pamela Laizure – bass guitar, vocals; Sara Muellerleile – guitar, vocals; and Kim Mancini on drums. The band was formed by Cauette and Laiszure
who shared the same influences and desire to create a band that plays surf roxotica style music based on 50’s and 60’s music updated with their
own twist of lemon to the punch. One drop and you will be addicted! “We have common interest in instrumental music of the 50s and 60s and
we’ve also all played orchestral music at various points. We collect surf, garage, exotica, punk, and country records that have inspired us to
write music that incorporates all of these styles. Our lyrics are steeped in feminist, punk rock values and we get a kick out of putting our
own spin on the twelve bar blues. We try not to overthink the writing process.”

“We definitely incorporate elements of classic surf, exotica, and garage/psych rock with our choice of pedals, effects, and melodies, but we like to put our own modern spin and make it authentic and fresh. We are students of surf, but like to merge genres or push the limitations of genres.
There is always a thread of punk rock in everything we do.”

They leave nothing short of a great performance when they play live. It is a must see on every level and one of the best live
performances you will see by any band. The Black Widows will sting you and hook you and mesmerize you down to the core which is often
overlooked these days in music. “In a digital age, we think that the art of staging and live performance can easily get overlooked. We want to put on a show for people. Being engaging both onstage and offstage is palpable. Building real connection with human beings is lasting and important. When it comes to sound, simple instrumentation and effects can go a long way in terms of creating an environment that evokes the essence of another time.
We find it to be a fun challenge to try to access the old school and modernize.”

The Black Widows are definitely motivated to stand on their own and take their place in this realm of music. “Women were underrepresented in this era and genre of music. We find it almost satirical to steal the elements that
we like but merge it with our riot-grrrl ideals. Plus we love reverb.” 😀

And when it comes to their message in music a mix of fun, satire, and rebellion! “Feminism, fun, incivility, humor, politics, revolution, animals, carnivals, alliteration, tequila, ex boyfriends, revenge for the underdog. Also just dogs.”

And the perfect band to ring in the New Year, The Black Widows have it all with great music, great vibe, performance, and attitude! They also have plenty going on with the New Year as well. “At the moment, we are focused on writing and recording a full length LP, which we hope to release in 2020, but as we all know, vinyl takes a while… Additionally, we’re in the early stages of planning national and international tours for 2020, as our finances allow. If anyone wants to finance any of these things, please contact us! Not kidding…”

The Black Widows take it a step beyond the ordinary or typical bands. They go beyond their music with sincere and true help for their community through their own inception of Tortuga Island. “We have recently founded an online and physical resource exchange for women and non-binary folks called Tortuga Island. This idea came from us witnessing the need for connection among low income and marginalized people in our community who are also creatives. We believe everyone has something to offer and something to learn. Many creatives suffer from struggling just to make ends meet or find resources, let alone follow through with creative projects. We are currently heading meet ups that provide basic weekly resources and would like to eventually achieve non-profit status so we can seek proper funding to open a resource center that would provide free studio time, computers, walk-in counseling, food shelf, workshops, etc. Go to to donate or find out more. We also periodically fund raise and donate to organizations benefiting animal rights, women’s rights, and immigrant rights.”

So get to these sites and make your New Years resolution to get large doses of the Black Widows! Music that will be a great and positive impact for you in 2020. Take my word for it! Get the Black Widows! See them live…you will be totally glad you did!!

Find them at:
Otherwise, search “Black Widows” on Spotify, Apple Music, and all your favorite streaming sites.

“Follow Black Widows at and to keep track of our home games,
our away games, trivial matters, hot gossip, future plans, and releases. If you would like to harass us, seek mediocre advice, book us, give us money, or present song ideas we will consider them.

“If you would like to produce a reality show or sketch comedy series, Pamela Laizure and Corinne Caouette find themselves to be two of
the funniest people that they know and enjoy being on camera for better worse.”

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