1, 2, 3, 4, It’s the Ramonas!

The Ramonas are rocking to the beat and high powered energy of the legendary rock group from New York City the Ramones who are rightfully legendary and inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  In case you were in a coma during their long reign of high powered music then it is time you checked your internet and turn up the volume….1,2,3,4!  

The Ramonas are out of the UK and have been rocking as an all female tribute to the Ramones since 2004.  After several line up changes and a fresh outlook, the Ramonas go beyond the typical tribute act by including their own originals with releases that include their debut EP ‘You Asked For It’ (2016); LP ‘First World Problems’ (2017); ‘Acoustic Problems’ (2019); and their latest LP ‘I Want to Live in Outer Space’ in 2020.

The band features Lisa aka Cloey on vocals; Vickie aka Pee Pee on bass; Maxine aka Rohny on guitar; and Camille aka Cammyon drums.  The band are currently doing shows this fall and have a full schedule ahead for 2021 with plenty of energy behind them.  They are packed with high energy, excellent music, and lots of touring to come.

“We’re not just a tribute band!  We concentrate even more on our own music nowaday and are in the process of writing our third album,” said Cam.”We have been doing this 11-12 years and still love the music!,” added Lisa.  Vicky added, “Plus we are here to inspire the next generation of female musicians in bands.”  Lisa said, “We have been releasing our own music since 2016.  Lots of fans were requesting it and our line up as it was, we all felt it was the right time to do it..”  Max added, “Like the Ramones we too have a lot to say!”

Of course following in the Ramones musical influence came natural for the band members.  ” I think a lot of tribute bands concentrate on their image just as much as the music.  We are ourselves on stage celebrating the music of the band we love.  We’re not trying to be them,” said Cam.  Vicky said, “We’ve taken it beyond being just a Ramones tribute band with the releases of our own music.  We don’t really fit into the traditional tribute scene.  We’ve been accepted into the punk scene as a whole.”
The Ramonas just released their third record with ‘I Want to Live in Outer Space’.  Cam said, “It is our second album,  It’s stylistically more versatile than anything we’ve released before and touches upon some important issues that we feel strongly about in the world.  Ironically we released this just before the world pandemic when the statement couldn’t feel any truer, ha, ha!”  Max said, “Our new record came out at the perfect time.  the title track says it all.  there’s a lot of different music influences going on too, from punk to grunge to pop to hardcore.  There’s a lot there in a small album but it lbendswell and says what it needs to say.”  “From the start, said Vicky, we always wanted the original releases to be our own sound and image.  This naturally meant we weren’t njust writing a whole album of purely Ramones style tunes or anything like that.  ‘First World Problems’ and ‘Outer Space’ are our own social commentary of this time.”  
The Ramonas are already working on a new album.  Cam said, “We’ve been remotely working on a new album during the pandemic and plan to hit the studio to begin recording next month.  Our music is evolving all the time and includes many other influences than punk.  I think we’re starting to sound like us with what we do.”  Lisa said, ‘We have been trying to be productive despite not being able to see each other.  We have been putting out some videos of Ramones songs and our own and all been writing new material for the new album.  We are due to be in the studio in November.  I can’t wait!”  

Speaking of the Ramones who inspired the band Cam said, “If you’re not a fan remember that sometimes 3 chords makes for the best song.”  Max said, “They paved the way and influenced all of your favorite bands!”  And like the Ramones you can feel the energy of the Ramonas.  “You can expect loud, fast and energy!  We don’t stay still” said Lisa.  Cam said “Our music is energetic, chaotic but also very melodic and musical.”  Vick added, “Full throttle punk rock–full of surprises.”
Do not miss out on the Ramonas….chedk them out on video and their sites!  1,2,3, GO!!!
The Ramonas – The UK’s All Girl Tribute to the Ramones

The Ramonas – The UK’s All Girl Tribute to the RamonesRamonas.co.uk – the website of the Ramonas – the hardest rocking and best looking Ramones tribute you’ll ever see.ramonas.bigcartel.com   The Ramonas  and also find them on Facebook, Spotify and I-Tunes
The Ramonas2016 saw The Ramonas launch their eagerly anticipated self-penned material. ‘You Asked For It’ (2016) was releas…

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