Drama Dolls bring the party!

The Drama Dolls want you to party!  Join the Drama Dolls and indulge in some healthy fun music that is high energy, fun, danceable, energetic punk/pop/rock that will bring a good vibe to your listening pleasure!  One listen to We Like to Party and you will feel their vibe and also be hooked on their great sounds and harmonies!

 The band formed in LA on a cold winter night and realized it was necessary to make music.  It all came together with Doc Egg on vocals and guitar; scrambles on drums; and TKO on bass.  They had plenty of music to create and now they are ready to bring their party and music to the world!

The three of us come from a bit diff influences but we definitely come together with a lot of 90’s music. Egg came from punk, Scrambles came from hardcore and high school bandy, and TKO came from pop and funk and old classic rock. It’s pretty dope cause inspiration comes from everywhere. 

 Expect plenty of fresh music from the Drama Dolls without the Drama! “We can’t take ourselves too seriously, and we gotta have fun, or it’s gonna suuuuuck. It’s all about having a band situation with no drama or bad vibes – we love each other and we want to spread love, even if we all get mad sometimes. The Drama Dolls music also was just released in August.  “Yeah, we dropped Yes Man a week ago or so ago and we released the music video about a day ago on YouTube. We have an album coming out in a few months. Drama Dolls – Over the Shoulder / Boulder Holder – a dual EP. We’ll drop one more single before it’s release.”   
Over the Shoulder / Boulder Holder Dual EP – two sides of the whole. We had a bunch of songs we had been starting to play around town, and TKO had a conversation with Manny Marroquin of Larrabee Studios. Manny invited us to come record live at his studio. We had recorded some songs with Bob Marlette over at Blue Room Studios, so we spoke with Bob and he came over to Larrabee to produce the music and Over the Shoulder / Boulder Holder was thus born. 

 When it comes to attitude, the Drama Dolls are all about fun and rocking the party to the world. “Not taking ourselves too seriously is really the best sum of our attitude. Also, we really do like to party.”

 And want to catch the buzz on the Drama Dolls….they say “That we are the next Spice Girls look out 2021 here we come.   We’re here. We’re beer. Get used to us!The world needs the Drama Dolls because there music is going to make you want to dance and after a year like 2020 has been it’s a great lift to everything and a reason to escape the 2020 blues!

 Be sure to find them  here:

Instagram: https://instagram.com/dramadollsla 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DramaDollsLA 

website www.dramadollsla.com 

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu69J_sa9JApUgcfqNiLyLw Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3Aa3FtNNymdGDfCYyOi89e 

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