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the New Now Sound!!

Are you ready for the “now” sound?  Ready to feel the hot vibes of the 60’s garage rockers turned up and revved up with a modern twist?  Then get ready now for the Courettes!  The Courettes are taking the music world by storm with hot retro garage sounds that have the feel of the 60’s music scene with the husband wife duo or Flavia Couri on vocals and guitar and Martin Couri on drums and vocals. 

The duo formed the Courettes in 2015 with their debut LP Here are the Courettes on Subterranian records.  They have played over 250 shows and toured 15 countries throughout Europe and are returning in 2021 with a new album on Damaged Goods Records a with a new single “Hop the Twig” out in April.  They also are receiving world wide acclaim including in Rolling Stone magazine and setting the world on fire with their authentic sound.   

The Courettes deliver the real deal with not only the vintage equipment, instruments and gear from the 60’s but also have the songs to take them over the top and into your mind and senses as an unstoppable force that will leave you mesmerized and addicted for life.  “People from planet Earth! We are The Courettes and we play raw, energetic and primitive rock n’ roll with echoes of a past with social love and proximity that makes the audience dance wildly as there was no tomorrow sharing ecstasy and sweat droplets and maybe a beer with completely unknown people that instantly become your best friend forever during the three minutes of a song,” said Flavia.  Martin added, “This is music created by love.”   

Flavia explains the band’s sound. “Garage sound is wild, urgent, raw, primitive and genuine. Garage is the real sound of Rock n ´n Roll when it was subversive, underground, counterculture and anti-mainstream. A subculture made by and to misfits and freaks. As long as there are new bands playing loud in a garage, formed by some teens that don´t fit in and feel weird at school, the future of rock n´roll is assured.”  “That this is the real sound! We have such a deep love for that great Starr sound!” said Martin.  Flavia added, “We wanted to write tunes where teen-trash-tragedy garage meets The Ronettes and The Ramones in Gold Star Studios’ echo chamber.” 
“Mainly through the 60s gear, says Martin. And a determination not to sound like the rest. We always thrived to have the best garagy sounds. For the recordings all sounds was recorded with 60s mics and all was recorded through our EAB/Telefunken 7 channel mixing console and Siemens compressors. For the recordings we build an echo chamber to get the most authentic wall of sound possible.” 

Although Flavia and Martin were far apart they had something special in common—music and their influences were clear.  Martin said, “My parents’ seven inch collection of The Beatles, The Doors and Elvis. We got together after finding out we had the similar record collection 10.000 km apart.”  Flavia said, “I was hooked by music when I was around ten years old and discovered my mom’s old Beatles´ record collection. I discovered my aunt´s Stones´collection right after. It was a cool time to grow up in Brazil, MTV had just started (and still played really good music and gave place to indie bands), Brazilian rock exploded in the FM Radios, grunge was giving a gas in the mainstream rock and lots of shows were going on there, I was lucky to see the Ramones live when I was 13, for example. I started developing a huge love for rock music, finding a big pleasure in discovering  bands and digging deep in the history of rock n´roll. Then I got totally crazy for the 60s sound – and I still am now. I started playing bass and guitar at 12 and joined and formed many bands since then. I met Martin in a tour in Brazil in 2013 where his former band was supporting my former band in a two weeks tour, we discovered we had the same taste in music, fell in love, I moved to Denmark and together we are The Courettes.”   

The Courettes have a new single coming out in April.  Flavia said “Hop The Twig” is coming in April, and our third album “Back In Mono” in October. We´ll also release in the Summer re-issues of our first two albums, “Here Are The Courettes” and “We Are The Courettes” all on Damaged Goods Records. We have some shows planned but who knows if they really are going to happen. We´re still keeping high hopes for being able to be back on the road at least in the Fall for promoting our new album. As everybody else, The Courettes can´t wait to have sweaty rock’n’roll shows again!” 
The new single is inspired by the current dark times we live in along with the edgy vibe of Link Wray says Flavia. “Link Wray´s guitar and the dark times we´re living in. Too many near deaths in the last couple of years, and many people nowadays are also losing dear one to the pandemics, so the tune has a bit dark atmosphere in it – although you can easily dance to it. Do you know “Hop the Twig” was a slang for dying in the XIX century? Still a very up to date theme.”  “Tragedies and deaths, said Martin. The loss of loved ones. Break ups and horrible times.” 

“What is special in our sound is that although we have 60s references, we use it to create something new, said Flavia. We don´t fancy being a revival band, we do things our own way.” 

“If you miss rock shows and if you want to be able go back to concerts after the pandemics, please remember to support your favourite bands, venues, promoters, sound guys, roadies, record shops and record labels. Buy a record, a t-shirt, a beer, invite them for dinner… These have been really hard times for everyone involved in the show business, especially in the underground scene, and we need all these people still alive and kicking when the pandemic is over. So give them some love and support your local scene!” 

The Courettes are living their dream by playing their own music and touring and working full time.  But as husband and wife they point to having a son as a highlight of their musical career and continuing to play.  Martin said, “Having our son Lennon!  B) Be able to keep living of playing.” 
FIavia said, “I think establishing a fan base around Europe and in the world, uniting all these people that dig the kind of music we do, and creating this sense of community that only rock music can give. Giving birth to our son in 2016 and playing a show the day after was a highlight, as well as supporting the Sonics in 2015 and producing three albums we are really proud of. We hope to continue to write better albums, tour throughout the globe and that our music to reach out to more people. So please spread the word for The Courettes´ invasion to take place, radio plays and richer days would also be appreciated!” 

Be sure to find more about The Courettes and dig their sound—something that is authentic and real.  60’s groove that you can’t go wrong with.  Don’t miss out on the Courettes….they are taking retro to a whole new level.  

The Courettes–Catch them Now!!!

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