Hatomic unleash atomic harmony with metal mayhem

When it comes to creating hard rocking heavy metal music Hatomic are one band that does it from the heart and soul and a must see.  Hatomic have been delivering intense hard edged rock since forming in 2019 from Caxias do Sul in Brazil.  The band includes Jenni Poletto on lead vocals, Thais Da Magro on guitars, Dani Borges on drums and Jess on bass.  Together they form an unstoppable force that echoes volumes with their edgy metal music. 

Poletto says, “Hatomic is a heavy metal band with Brazilian roots, but the most important thing to be said about us is that we are passionate about music and what we do is wholeheartedly. We walk a true path and we believe that through our music our legacy will be traced.” 

Poletto says the band is named from ‘atomic harmony’ which they create.  “The name was chosen from the combination of the words “atomic” and “harmony”, thus resulting in HATOMIC, an atomic harmony that is here to make heavy metal lovers head bang and always bringing a little reflection and relaxation to the lyrics.  The members of Hatomic already knew each other through friendship or even because we had already formed other bands. The choice of each one of us was not difficult as we were all immersed in the musical world for a considerable time and this also brought a very interesting baggage at the time of composition, as we have different influences in the world of music, rock and heavy metal.” 
“We are all passionate about music and this moves us very deeply, HATOMIC was the result of that passion. Hatomic is a gloriously achieved goal especially when it comes to resources within the country in which we live. Even today most music consumers and event producers do not understand how much work it takes for everything that bands do to be conceived. We believe that there is a delay in valuing the process as a whole.” 

With major heavy metal bands to draw upon the band includes several influences.  “It ranges from Iron Maiden and Arch Enemy to Kreator and Dimmu Borgir, passing through Slipknot, Foo Fighter, Pantera, Sepultura and Gojira. Yes, all these bands are mixed in the personal tastes of all of us at Hatomic.  I believe that it is this diversity that makes everything more interesting when creating new compositions. We throw everything into the liquefied and see what happens, in the end the music is a work that reveals all our current potential and all our feelings according to the period of the process.” 

Hatomic draw inspiration from human experience as reflected in their new release. “Our main inspiration today are the issues of human beings and how this can reflect in life and in their actions. We get a lot of inspiration from stories and lessons that they convey through reading and images. Our latest release “Desire from blood” speaks to the desire that moves each of us to do something we love deeply. It’s a song to inspire and persevere even through the difficulties of the way.” 
“Our passage through here has its days numbered, that is, we are not immortal, so our main objective is to leave our message in the world. Many years from now we will look back and be proud of what we have done and how much we add to people’s lives. Leaving a legacy is something so intense and it must be made real. It’s what the song “Desire From Blood” is about, about something stronger, something that guides us and everything we’ve done gives us the strength to move forward and do more and more.” 

Hatomic are also a band that is not to be viewed just for their looks and being in all female rock band.  They are here to be part of the music world with all of their passion from within as a band.  “The formation of an all-female band was not something previously planned. We always thought it was a cool idea, but it wasn’t the main focus. Our focus is always on music and responsible people who would be willing to give themselves body and soul for the band to achieve great results.  In the end, a band made up of men or women doesn’t make much difference when the real passion is music. After all, that’s what a band is all about, love, rock and a lot of hard work.” 

There are more surprises ahead for fans of their music and if you haven’t found Hatomic yet, will soon be a fan of their energetic and powerful music.  “We are currently working on an unreleased single that will be released along with a music video by mid 2021. However we still have some surprises in store until the end of this year, so stay tuned on our networks.” 

Our music is on all digital platforms, you can watch our videos through Youtube and, if the guys want to be closer to the band, just access our Instagram (@hatomicofficial) and our facebook (/hatomicofficial). 

Hatomic is a band you definitely need to experience.  If you love metal and want to feel the passion that drives from hard rock music then Hatomic is a band you need to hear and experience.  They are setting the metal world on fire with their music and are one band you need to hear!

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