Join the Club! The Dead Babysitters Club is going to rock your world!!!

 The Dead Babysitters Club are here to rock your world!  This is one club that you can find playing energetic alt-grunge rock at a nightclub near you in the Akron/Canton area and beyond.  The three piece band includes Chris Schuerger (guitar & vocals), Jenna Schuerger (drums) and Jessica West (bass & vocals).  They have been together for two years now since forming and are playing covers and originals with an edgy sound that is addictive and enthralling.  The fact that they are all great friends and that Jenna and Chris are married also creates a deep connection and powerful sound you achieve from riding the same wave for so long that goes back several years before forming the band. “We’ve been together for a couple years now as a band,” said Chris. “Jenna, my wife is the drummer.   We’ve been married for 11 years.  Jessica West has been our friend for about 6 years now.  She plays bass and sings the “lady parts”. Haha”  Jenna added, “We met Jessica because she went to the same highs school as Chris and he was friends with her older brother. We became friends first, the we realized we all had some musical talent.  And we just kind of figured out how to bring it all together.”

Jess said, “We kind of knew of each other, but about 6 years ago we all started going to karaoke together and hanging out.” “The concept of the band is 90’s rock covers,” said Jenna.  ” But also film and aesthetics that were really cool about the 90’s, adds Chris.  So we wanted to go with things that were nostalgic and memorable.  We are all REALLY into the movie “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead” so we combine that with the “Babysitters Club” books and smushed the names together to make it kind of more edgy and rock and roll”.

Jess said, “We were all best friends, doing a lot of karaoke together.  We all played an instrument.  One day we decided to try a song for fun and then it just grew from there.  I had been playing bass on and off since I was a teenager, so decided to try to pick it up again, see if we all could play together.”

Chris said, “Jenna had played the drums forever but hadn’t touched them, they were just sitting there.  So, I decided to pick up the guitar we we could try to play together.  We tried “American Girl” by Tom Petty.  After a year, we all decided we’d just try to get together and form a band.”

Jess said things started to take off. “Then we gradually got more serious.” Chris said, “One song became two songs, then we planned on trying porch rocker, or trying to open for another band.”

The band finally became serious when Jenna was on vacation and heard a song that ignited the fire.  “I was on vacation on the beach and heard Elastica’s song Connection.  I texted these guys that we should try this as our first song. “Yes, it was a perfect first song for us,” said Jess.

Chris said, “At that point we had still been batting the idea around.  Once we had one or two songs we decided it was time to come up with a band name.” We were on our way to Table 6 when we started toying with some names. As soon as we got there and sat down Jenna said “The Dead Babysitters Club” and we all immediately agreed 100%. There has never been any question about that name being perfect for us.”

The DBSC have also been writing original music as well.  “Yes, we are finally starting to write some original music,” said Jess.  “So far, we are going with a super local Akron theme.  We have a super sad emo song about Thursdays (night club) closing, one about roller skating, and one that was inspired by Dr. Seuss called, “And to think I saw it on Tallmadge Avenue.”   “Yeah, Jessica came up with lyrics for our first three songs,” said Chris.  “That is what we have started, we’ll see how much of it comes to fruition.  Other than that, we have been playing a ton of shows over the past year and we have a bunch more coming up all over the place.” 

 The DBSC have already achieved success in developing a following and most important–enjoying what they do in playing music together and having fun!  Chris says, “I think we’ve already achieved it.  Just to have fun.  One thing we’ve achieved our financial goal of covering our bar tab!  We see a lot of people in their 20’s singing along and pumping their fists and they’re into our songs which is weird.”

Jenna said,  “Yes!  To have fun and see other people have a good time. Jess said, “We aren’t trying to blow up.  We’d like to be well known locally.  We’ve also gained a small following and have a group of friends who never miss a show.  We play super nostalgic songs and play clips from super nostalgic movies and shows in between.  We try to take huge 90’s bands, but play their less popular songs to be a little less cliché.” Jenna added, “I like too, recreating the nostalgia and giving back to the audience. “Chris added, “Yes the more obscure deep cuts lol.  You can also always expect Jenna to drop a drumstick!”

You can find the Dead Babysitters Club on Facebook, Instagram or at local establishments like Target.  Chris said ” we’re at Target a lot.” Jenna added, “You can find me daily at Whole Foods!!” Jess added, “Mr. Zubs on Saturday Night! 

But better yet….find them when they are playing a show and feel the energy and intensity of their sound and energetic music.  They are a band you need to experience live. A band that is adding to the rich tradition of music from the Akron area. The DBSC is more than great music. It is about friendship and creating something special together and building a creative bond together as a band and with their audience.  Jess said, “I personally feel like it’s truly a blessing to have a band with your best friends.  It is REALLY hard to find people that you want to jam with, and spend that much time with, AND all want to play exactly the same type of songs.  Everybody has such different ideas and visions and artistic differences, but we are all on the exact same wavelength when it comes to all of that.  Perfectly in line.”

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