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“We’re an all girl, kickass, bitchin, punk rock and roll band that are an explosion of energy and craziness and our songs are catchier than Covid!” says Jessica of Bite Me–a band that is sure to rock you with plenty of energetic attitude and punk vibe. “BITE ME is our expression of who we are, it’s all of our styles rolled into one and it just works – we’re full of attitude and love what we do and we love that people get involved and join in with our live shows too!” London says, “I think it’s important for the world to know what we stand for: freedom of expression and rock’n’roll. It’s not just music, it’s a form of expression.” Ruby adds, “We love rock n roll like no other!”

Bite Me are from London UK and include Jessica on drums, Ruby on Guitar, Nao on bass and London on vocals.

They are loud, fast, energetic, chaotic and in your face rock packed with attitude and a fistful of tnt packed together that is going to explode and rock your world.

Bite me rocked the stage with the UK Subs and are ready to jump into the new year with more shows and festivals featuring their great sound and jet fueled punk rock. ” We’re a little gang of crazy, musically talented kick-ass girls who want to rule the world. Our love is with music and not much else,” said Ruby. ” I think our passion shows greatly through our dedication on AND off stage.” “It’s all of it. says London. As mentioned it’s not just music, it’s the frame around a painting. But yeah, it’s freedom, expression, reflection on life and society and fun.”

“I’m into Punk, like Sex Pistols, The Clash, UK Subs, Anti Nowhere League, Sham 69, Buzzcocks and also bands like Faster Pussycat, Aerosmith, Junkyard, Motley Crue, even The Beastie Boys – anything loud I can rock out to!” says Jessica. Nao said, “My musical influences are really classic, as I said I used to listen to my parent’s CD and they grew up in 70s-80s so of course Queen, which still is a band that I love and basically the reason why I play the bass; The Beatles, Dire Straits, David Bowie, Joan Jett, Suzi Quatro etc and then when I started to discover music on my own I went through lots of phases: blues, punk, funk, heavy metal, thrash metal, stoner rock, indie so I actually listen to whatever I like as long as it’s good and try to take the best of my favourite genres and melt them into one.” Bowie (obviously), Iggy pop, really loving Starbenders at the moment, says Ruby. Ozzy, Slash & myles kennedy’s solo stuff, Queen, The Runaways, mainly 80’s shit like Motley Crue. I ADORE Alice Cooper and super into Specimen too at the moment.” London said, “David Bowie, Queen, Alice in Chains, the Clash, Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper, Trent Reznor and many others.”

When it comes to attitude, Jessica says, “We are Loud slammin’, crazy energy along with a hefty slug of Jack Daniels I always wanted to be that Rockstar onstage since I was a kid. There’s just not enough kickass, all playing girl rock bands so I had the dream to create something visually and musically wild and BITE ME was born!” Ruby says, “Being drunk, sexy, dirty, sweaty and loud.” Nao states, “I’d say that my attitude  is having fun and really enjoying what I’m playing, I have lot of energy to let out and being on stage doing something that you love and you are committed about that you can also share with people is just awesome. Music has always been my biggest passion. When I was a kid, I remember sneaking in my parents room and stealing some of their 70s-80s rock cds and being so blown away. Then I started to listen to other music and found out that girls can kick ass too! So I bought my first bass with my savings at 14 and then started taking lesson and being in bands.” London said, “That you do not need to fit into a stereotype or a box. You can be whatever the fuck you want and care less about what people expect of you. I have been wanting a band since I was a kid. I remember watching people like Freddie Mercury and David Bowie on stage, and thinking to myself ‘I can do that! I can sing! I can perform! I must do that!’”

Bite Me has plenty to look ahead to with the upcoming year. Look for more new material, recording, gigs and festivals. “We have some awesome plans coming up! says Jessica. Recording is happening soon, we’re due to support some huge punk headliners plus a very exciting announcement so watch this space…” Ruby added, We got a new bass player, Nao – she came in and busted out all the songs fucking perfectly! Rehearsing for upcoming gigs this year and early 2022. Excited for our Anti Nowhere League shows.”

Expect plenty of great music and mayhem says Jessica, “Insane visuals, a screaming performance, more energy than the Duracell bunny and a fun, unforgettable performance!”

You had better be ready for Bite Me because they are taking no prisoners and going to set the music world on fire. “The world better be ready, said London, we’re not here to wait in a line! I also do think people nowadays are growing tired of fitting into society stereotypes and are re-discovering rock’n’roll, so…yeah, our band is the quintessential of all this we want women to live for themselves and be less conscious of what people think of them. As women, we have been indoctrinated to love according to someone else’s pleasure. No more of this shit! You can be in your divine feminine energy and still rock out!” Jessica added, “We are blown away with the crazy support we’ve had and amazing feedback from our shows! We didn’t know if the world would be ready for the explosion that is BITE ME…but we are loving that people can’t get enough!”

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