Gym Shorts Drive and Rock fast and furious!

Gym Shorts rock like a stick of dynamite. They spew plenty of wild sparks and explode with fierce punk rock in your face and knock you out of your socks. And, they keep you coming back for more again and again!

Gym Shorts are fronted by Sarah Greenwall who fuels the fire with band mates guitarist Devin Domonic, Trevor Farrah on bass and drummer Mike Ferschke combine to create an explosive, wild, chaotic and attitude drenched sound that sets the band into a stratosphere of their own driving vivid energy and intense power like a high powered race car!

Gymshorts are ready to take over the world with their music filled with attitude that is cut deep with power and an edge yet appreciative of the platform for their musical release to the masses. “I could answer this question in an infinity word essay but I think my immediate response is that I really appreciate the music world for being a place where people can (hopefully) really find their true sense of self and a strong sense of community which is so important. You know? We’re all just out here trying to do the same thing and have our music heard and be able to play music for people in a sustainable way so I think being able to have a pretty universal sense of community whether it’s local or national or international, I think we all just need to have compassion for each other and help each other out and try to pool our resources as best as we can when we can.”

Gymshorts toured with Dollskin in the fall and then cut out on their own heading back to hometown Providence, Rhode Island. “We just got off tour last night!! We finished a half headline / half support tour (with Doll Skin ((they rip we love them))) last night in Brooklyn! So now we may play a few one offs here and there but mostly will probably try to do some writing/recording here while its freezing out and then hopefully get back out there this spring/summer!”

Greenwall draws inspiration through her great sense of humor and mix of anger. “I think humor inspires a lot of what I write songs about – I try to write songs that make myself laugh – I guess probably if I’m being honest, there’s probably some anger in there too ! Or just frustration with the way things are some times. Outlet style. I’m just inspired by the idea of being able to play music in new places and meet new people and see the world – I’m not really good at sitting still and I think there are definitely a lot of things that inspire me every day. I feel lucky to have a pretty solid support system of people around me and pretty incredible friendships and I think that’s part of what really keeps me going.”

Greenwall drew plenty of fire when she moved into the Providence music scene. “I had just moved back east  – I lived in Austin, Texas for a year and I was at shows almost every night and I had always played the guitar but not really rock and roll more like quiet folky guitar and I think I was just pretty wide-eyed to try something new and write something fast and loud. I think too I just found the Providence music scene to be pretty inspiring and it was exciting to become a part of it.”

In addition to getting out their first release on Greenway Records they also have played their first of many dream gigs already. “We just got to play Riot Fest which was honestly a dream come true. That festival was incredible and so organized – everyone was so nice and we had the best time so that was really cool – I think also just being able to support some amazing bands on tour…Tacocat, La Luz, Death Valley Girls, Doll Skin…I have so much respect for those people and their songwriting so that has just been an honor to go out with them.”

You need to feel the energy and sound of Gymshorts live. They bring it 180 miles and hour and deliver like no other–loud, fast 90 MPH! “We just like to have fun! And we want other people to have fun too – if I can leave knowing we made even one person laugh or forget about their anxiety for a few minutes, that’s cool with me.”

As for their energy and rebellion, Greenwall says, “I think it depends! Sometimes it’s personal and comes from being hurt or mistreated by specific people but sometimes it comes from observing something that just doesn’t sit right with me and I think there’s just a variety of thoughts that I guess can fall within that wide spectrum.”

When it comes to drawing from the energetic and chaotic style of surf punk rock Gymshorts play, Greenwall said, “Actually I think it was honestly out of absolute fear ! Haha – Like I said, I was writing a lot of pretty slow, folky songs with vulnerable lyrics and I could not bear the thought of every playing them live because it was absolutely terrifying to me and I didn’t have much experience playing live shows let alone by my self – but I did want to! So I think in a way I was maybe writing louder, faster songs with this weird fear that if I played the other stuff people would think it was boring and if I messed up they would be able to tell really easily. Playing with other people and yelling felt a lot more doable at the time and then I just had so much fun I never stopped! But I did just finally put out my first record of that original type of music with my solo project Greeensleeves which has felt really validating. But in a weird way I don’t know if I ever would have done it without all the years of practice and experience I got playing as GYMSHORTS. I think I needed a lot of time to build up a little confidence in my playing to be able to bring myself to do. But I am still terrified of playing those songs live. Ill do it – but I’m terrified.”

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