Get ready to rock because the Super Babes are here to roll with maximum rock n roll in your face and deliver a powerful vibe to your life that is inescapable and will capture your soul! Yes, it’s the Super Babes to the rescue with a heavy dose of hard rock n roll that is powerful and intense and keep your heart pounding with energy like no other.

The Super Babes are more than a band but a dream fulfilled by two best friends doing what they love to do most with Ann Rock on drums and Bridget Reckless on guitar hailing from Youngstown, Ohio. “The world needs to know that we are not only a band, but best friends and a true team when it comes to all levels of this project. We always stay true to our authentic selves while growing and exploring as individuals and musicians. We want people to know that they too can find comfort in themselves, build each other up and elevate their life experience. This is a big ‘love language’ of ours, expressing ourselves and experiencing emotions and empowerment through music.”

Ann and Bridget connected after having both been involved in previous bands and the magic of the Super Babes was formed and continues to thrive as they share a common bond that goes beyond making music. A genuine friendship and love for music. “We both had worked in a multitude of bands and settings where we were not highlighted appropriately. When we met as friends on the music scene, we instantly recognized each other as the amazingly talented women we are and knew instantly that we wanted to work together. We both had songs and ideas already in hand and coming together brought them to life.”

“We connect on a few influences especially in regard to Rock N’ Roll, Energy, Spirit, Eccentricities i.e. The Runaways, David Bowie, Prince, Queen, David Lee Roth – we’re both theatrical and dramatic. We love to give a show, we love performing, we love to empower people.

It’s interesting, the above is our meshing influences. And once you see where our individual influences come from, it makes sense. Bridget is blues and soul based, Ann is rock based – together it makes a soulful, blues, rock n’ roll marriage, it’s familiar yet different.”

The Runaways were a big influence on the band as they originally had set out to create a four or five piece lineup of all female musicians but found the strongest lineup in themselves. “We both have a strong liking to Joan Jett and the Runaways. Where Joan Jett felt compelled to find other women in Rock N’ Roll because she knew she was not the only one, is where we were most influenced by her story and that segment of their music career. Basically, its like, drop that ego – it’s a societal thing where they want to pin women against each other, and we believe same as Joan Jett, we can all shine. There is a spot for everyone. That’s the spirit of Rock N’ Roll.”

“We feel bands comprised of all women are not respected enough. First point of how is that we are answering something about female bands. Again, this is societal ingraining that women do not belong somewhere – whether that’s in Rock N’ Roll, producing their own music or producing other people’s music, etc. Not to mention, the sexual harassment, grooming, uncomfortable advances and manipulations… promises of other bookings, and literally being told “you can come to our hotel room to get paid”Second point of how, there is a separation within music between the comparisons of ‘male’ vs ‘female’ artists; this again has been fed to us growing up in this society. Though The Super Babes stand for women’s empowerment and we identify as women in music, we would love to do our part to help and see the music industry break these barriers; so that we can respect each other as talented individuals and hopefully embrace the differences between us all.

The Super Babes are all about delivering powerful hard rock n roll and get misunderstood because they are a two piece band and looked at as a lounge act and not as a rock band. Strange but true unless you have experienced them live! “That as a female duo, we are not a band. (Which tying in to question 6 the Black Keys, being a male duo, are not treated as such)For instance, we have had people book us for a show without doing proper research, with us being under the impression they have. When we show up with a drum set and an amp, the establishment is like “oh, we thought as a female duo, you were going to be acoustic background music and very quite”. Which, if you know us, IS NOT THE CASE. IS NEVER THE CASE. WAS NEVER THE CASE. 

We have also been booked on solo/duo events with quiet solo acoustic artists, keyboard/vocalist and acapella female duos when we are a 2-piece full on Rock N’ Roll band. Again, not to downplay any of the other stylings listed, we want to emphasize we are a Rock N’ Roll BAND.

Sometimes, people misunderstand us and say that we are not inclusive because we highlight our femininity and “women” empowerment – but our message is to all people. 

Femininity is a type of energy, not a gender. All people are made up of both masculine and feminine energy. Our mission is to empower people and lead by example of being empowered. Again, it’s a societal belief that because we’re female it’s “women” empowerment instead of being labelled as empowerment for all.”

The Super Babes have a 6 song EP available which was released in 2019, We Are The Super Babes. “We wanted to capture as much of a raw and live sound as we could, so we sought out a comfortable space and engineer to work with – Peppermint Productions, Gary Rhamy, 5 time Grammy award winner. We wanted to ensure when people listened to it, they knew what they’d hear at a “live” show. 

At that time these were our “song babies”. This was us bringing our songs to each other and then working as a band together to solidify the songs as a whole. Specific to that EP, those were songs that were inspired by our life events and we wrote about them with the subject matter focusing on relationships. We consider this our “sassy” era – a reputation which kind of stuck with us LOL, we do get that a lot. We look at it more as the point where we started being true to ourselves and our standards and goals and never settling for anything less than what is the absolute best for us. 

Currently, we’ve grown as individuals and as a band and now we’re finding ourselves writing about different subject matter with bigger messages. The 2019 EP was based on pretty specific pinpointed events and currently we’re writing about leveling up in our own lives as well as inspiring others to do the same. The next release will be more in line with who we’ve grown into as a band i.e. sound, subject, abilities, technicalities. It’s actually very different from where we started – we’ve gone from sassy to ICONIC ROCK GODDESSES and it SHOWS.”

You can expect plenty more from the Super Babes this year. “We have new material written and we are focusing on recording and releasing this material this year (2023). We are actively playing shows with our focus and intention for this year set more on writing and recording. April 2022 we set the tone for the ICONIC ROCK GODDESSES and this year we are embracing that more and more. Both our writing and our shows reflects this more and more.”

“The most important part of being in this band is that we work as a team, well a band lol. We keep each other’s interests and schedules in mind, we help each other shine on and off the stage.

Bridget personally hopes to achieve more capabilities and growth in technique within guitar and vocals, while also inspiring others to follow their dreams and goals.

Ann personally hopes to raise the world’s vibration and be a catalyst to others on their spiritual journey.”

The Super Babes will continue to grow and get better as they have a common goal to achieve the best from themselves and to influence others with their drive, energy and desire to be the best with their talents. “To keep growing and learning, perfecting our craft and sound, while staying true to ourselves and our path. To continue inspiring people to unapologetically be themselves and ascend to their higher, best version of themselves.”

Now get out and support the Super Babes and experience for yourself their powerful rock energy and musical vibe that is infectious and addicting something you need to fill your mind with and taste on your own. You will want to come back again and again for more and the Super Babes music will deliver every time!

Upcoming Shows in Kent/Akron/Cleveland Area:

       April 29 @ Zephyr Pub in Kent

       May 25 @ Buzzbin in Akron

       June 1 @ Happy Dog in Lakewood

       June 16 @ Grog Shop in Cleveland

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