Maximum rock n roll ready to destroy the Boys Club!

“We’re here with reason, purpose, to make noise and to leave blood on stage,” says Skarlett.

“DOWNGIRL came from the hunt for a name that stood for what we feel lead us to the philosophical term for controlling a woman in Kate Manne’s book “Down girl – The logic of misogyny”

Downgirl have been rocking the world and tearing down the walls and breaking glass with their grunge alternative power punk that is in your face and fighting societal norms with a fistful of magnetic sonic sounds and a powerful vibe that will leave you pumping your fist and wanting more of their intense music.

The band formed in Sydney Austrailia in 2021 during the pandemic and released their first single in 2022. They have a new single released in May with 2006 and have plenty more energy to send with their intense desire to wreck the boys club and deliver a knockout punch to all those who stand in their way. The band includes Skarlett Saramore (drums) and Lou Harbidge (bass) on rythm with Kristen Adams (vocals/lead guitar) and Alex Neville (vocals/rhythm guitar) creating a solid sound that will hypnotize you and fill you with an energy like no other.

Downgirl create music influenced by 90s pop culture, activism and dismantling the BOYSCLUB. “The demise of one band into the next. The sheer determination to not give up.

“Next month marks 1 year, said Skarlett. We all couldn’t imagine a life without music and for a brief period of time, that was a reality. The style we play is a bubbling concoction of our greatest hits. We all feel the energy of a past era of punk, grunge and reason.”

2006 is the new release out in May and demonstrates the bands take on culture and society filled with plenty of attitude.

“Our (new) release, It’s our blood and guts from the starting line, poured into a piece of work that we needed to project. We are now a physical unit. A family. We are constantly writing and producint new shit for the live shows.

“Our second single MANIC The song and video is a twisted glimpse into the mind of someone dealing with mental health in the middle of a pandemic lockdown. Being trapped with yourself on a level I don’t think many could comprehend. Some people struggling with mental illness found comfort in hibernation while keeping productive. Others remained more secluded than ever effecting behaviours we’re sadly seeing come to light in the return to society. We must raise awareness on suicide prevention, and we must hold each other accountable in love.”

Downgirl are ready to take on the rock n roll world and make their place with their music and talent and not only see the world but rock it to the ground! ‘Get paid to see the world with my girls. Make new family members. Sleep on cuches & eat bad weird food on the road. Mates that continue to just be grateful we get to do such a cool thing together.”

Downgirl is a band to find and get to see live and if you can’t see them live check them out online or streaming and experience their wild vibe and enjoy the ride and watch them as they take on the Boys and show them what they are made of! Powerful and intense talented musician who can hold their own and prove it again and again!

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