HotWax are a band bringing the heat with a blowtorch of sound that sizzles with intensity and energy that sets the youthful band apart from the rest like no other. Hot Wax are driving a sound reviving 90s Indie grunge and post punk music with an edge all their own being called brilliant post punk by the British media as the Hasting trio have just unleashed their debut EP A Thousand Times on Transgression Records in May and termed the next big guitar band!

The band members who are friends from high school and just barely graduated include  Tallulah Sim-Savage (vocals and guitar), Lola Sam (bass) and Alfie Sayers (drums). They have already shared festival stages with Queens of the Stone Age, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Strokes this summer and have a boat load of shows over the next three months upcoming including traveling to Canada and the United States in early November.

“Lola and I met at school, said Tallulah, we where in another band together previously called The Kiffs, then in 2019 we re formed as Hotwax and I started to sing, which I had never done before. We then later met Alfie at music college in Brighton. The idea of performing inspired us, in Hastings where we grew up there was lots of older bands that we looked up to and we wanted to do what they where doing.”

With influences such as the Yeah yeah Yeahs, St Vincent, Hole, PJ Harvey, Beck, Ty Segall and Deap Valley, the band have been also compared to the likes of the White Stripes and Hole. “We individually have quite different tastes, Alfie loving jazz and dance music, Lola tends to listen to a lot of everything and when we combine it all it feels to us, quite refreshing.”

HotWax’s debut EP includes songs they wrote since beginning in 2019 as a band and also reflects on growing up at this day in age with the problems facing the youth of today. “It was inspired by growing up in this day and age, said Tallulah, the doubts you are faced with with global warming, the intensity of friendships now that you can never switch off because of social media, and just experiencing things for the first time which will always be the most intense.”

“We’ve just finished our 2nd ep which we are now starting to release a few singles from. We are so excited to put it out as it feels a lot newer, our first ep we love but a lot of songs where very old, some being written when we were 15. Other than that we are constantly writing and playing shows.”

They self released some singles in 2020 including Stay Cool, Pat the Killer Cat, When We’re Dead, and Barbie (Not Yours) all songs you need to check out and feel the enery of HotWax.

HotWax bring a truly powerful intensity and attitude to the stage that is mesmorizing, fierce and raw. “On stage we want to feel free and to not take ourselves too seriously, so that the audience can do the same. When I perform the lyrics I want the emotion to come across. When we’re writing our attitude changes, for the first EP we had more of a naive attitude where as now it feels more immediate.”

HotWax are humbled to be called the next big guitar band to hit the music world by storm. “Its a large statement and we can’t believe we got called that. There is a lot of good guitar bands about at the moment, it kinda feels like being a needle in a hay stack. It feels really really good to be acknowledged as the next big guitar band not the next big female guitar band. We’re playing music we love and praying people get it. Our mission is to keep playing shows and hopefully resonate with people, inspire younger musicians and leave our mark on the world.”

HotWax also were thrilled to play with some of their music icons over the summer. “We played the All Points East Festival in Victoria Park in London. The Strokes and Yeah Yeah Yeahs were the headliners. It was definitely a massive day for us. When we found out about the show we wanted to throw up!! We have been so excited leading up to it, especially as for me Karen O is a major inspiration and for years and years I have looked up to her. It was really a huge honour to play the festival alongside some amazing artists–Amyl and the Sniffers, Angel Olsen, Be Your Own Pet, Warmduscher.”

It has not always been an easy path for the band as they have always held to a strong belief in themselves to never give up on their dreams. “Yes, if we didn’t belive in ourselves we wouldn’t be where we are now. Throughout school we where laughed at a lot for being in a band, through all the ups and downs members leaving and me and Lola having many intense dramas, we’ve kept going.  We’ve overcome personal issues, millions of drummers. We will always doubt ourselves, I don’t think anyone ever stops that but that, I think never feeling 100 percent about a riff we’ve written or a vocal line or whatever it is in life is good in that we can never feel too comfy. Therefore we will always keep pushing ourselves and always be motivated.”

HotWax are a band that is ready to take on the music world and set the stage on fire with their energy, passion, and intensity providing the new thrills of the next generation of music and one that you need to catch if you can because if this is the future it is not only bright but very hot and mandatory listening. Hot Wax are a band you need to dive into and turn up the volume and let them take you to another world! HotWax is delivering mandatory must hear music so if you are hungary for a heavy dose of retro grunge music….come get some…they will rock your world!

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