Hard Nips

Hard Nips are with fueled with women power!!!

Get ready for the Hard Nips to deliver plenty of high energy dance-rock via off kilter garage rock as Japan meets Brooklyn flavored rock. Hard Nips bring style and color with a great mix of post punk music to light and based out of Brooklyn, New York, have been together since 2009 and released 2 albums and 3 EPs have a new release this summer with Master Cat.

The Hard Nips include three girls from Japan and a half Japanese girl from Brooklyn with Saki on guitar, Gooch on bass, Hitomi on drums and Yoko on vocals and keyboards.

The Hard Nips met at Yoko’s restraunt and pub in Brooklyn.  “Gooch is from Okinawa so she’s an island girl; Hitomi is from Nagano so she is a mountain girl; Yoko is from Osaka so she is a city girl; [I’m] from Long Island so [I’m] a suburban girl (at heart).”

“We are female rock band that is consisted of four Japanese/American lives in Brooklyn. Hard Nips = Hard Nippon (Japan) Girls.” They blend a tasty sound of Ramones meets Blondie with catchy songs and heavy riffs that will have you hooked on their music. Their new release Master Cat is a great listen from start to finish as they unleash their potent hooks and rythms that will have you dancing to their beat and coming back again and again for more. “The song of Master Cat (not Album): It’s actually about a sex worker. She sees the room thats walls are mirrors, and it invites her psychedelic state of mind… the hotel in Miami inspired the song. Master cat, is the one control of “Cat= women= pussy=sexuality.”

Master Cat is 8 tracks of must see or must hear music you need to experience and feel that is dreamy and easy to listen to and addicting. “Fun, fun, high energy” is what they describe. This is the second full album by the Hard Nips following ‘Amazing Guns’. As for the near future, expect new things in the works with Hard Nips. “We are making music video for alternative dreamland. make more new songs, more shows, hopefully.”


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