Get ready for a maximum dose of edgy, dirty and intense rock and roll! It’s delivered by Joan Smith and the Jane Does via Toronto, Canada as they were just on tour throught the United States and profess that rock and roll is here to stay and are adding the gas to the fire with their aggressive and guitar driven music. Their song Pull is featured in the ABC TV Series Rebel.

Joan Smith is joined by Tom Juhas to create their sound described as a sound of Queens of the Stone Age with Stevie Nicks vocals as coined by friend and radio personality Jeff West. Add in the raw energy of a big guitar sound and it explodes with energy. They also site influences such as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, T. Rex, Idles, Mr Bungle , Ty Segall and the Dead Weather.

As for the band Smith wants the world to know “That rock is not dead, Rock and loud guitars are valid, and important messages can be delivered by a strong female voice in an aggressive, danceable manner. The partnership between myself and Tom Juhas – while I had toiled away for a while with another indie rock band of my own (Little Foot Long Foot) I struggled to sustain it, while Tom worked diligently as a side person for many other artists. Our combined love of angular, expressive rock pushed us to start creating this new beast.

Their tour is in support of their new release Do Me Some Harm. “This album is a full cycle of songs from the very early pandemic through to the ‘after times’, this album encapsulates the struggles of the music industry, mental isolation, the emotions of an immature relationship following through into mature hopelessness, as well as irreverent humour and of course many, many guitars. The first six tracks represent the Jane Does’ most recent output and are mixed by Alain Johannes (Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, Chris Cornell). The next six tracks were originally released during the thick of the pandemic, and have been remastered for this release by Noah Mintz.”

“The name comes from its title track, ‘Harm’. It’s a song I originally wrote several years ago in the midst of a ‘I think I want to quit music’ phase and it languished for a while until it got reworked while writing the new tunes for this album. Ultimately, it’s about being willingly involved in the music business, and accepting that you need to be open to a certain amount of both self inflicted and outside harm, both mental and physical.”

Irrational Anthem is about trying to argue with someone who completely has their mind made up – no matter how much of a cohesive, logical, fact based argument you might be able to present, you will be met with a brick wall. It’s spewed with the most Rage Against the Machine delivery that I can muster.

Expect more to come as they went into the studio at Stereobus Recording and have three new singles coming out this year. So there is more excitement on the way and if you have the chance be sure to see them live because it is one awesome show and performance you won’t forget and have you coming back for more! Looking ahead Smith says, “To continue honing our touring chops – we have a visa to tour in the U.S. until the end of 2024, so look for these Canadians to be hopping around America. Also, the aforementioned new singles and videos will be released in the first half of next year. We just want to keep doing this as long as possible, as long as our minds and bodies can hold out.”

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