Get ready for the Motor Queens! If you love Motorhead….the legendary rock/metal band in the 70’s lead by Lemmy Kilmister…then the Motor Dolls are just what the doctor ordered. They play tribute to Motor Head and these women put the pedal to the metal when it comes to performaning the songs of Motor Head. The Motor Queens follow Lemmy’s ideal to play hard and fast, roucous and in your face. The Motor Queens deliver.

“There’s surely one important thing we want the world know about us: the band’s name is Motörqueens.”
As for forming the band, “Mostly for fun and for play Motörhead music. Our intent is spreading rock n roll and we wish to achive playing in any European country soon!”

The Motor Queens are from Italy and have been delivering raw and energetic Motor Head covers since 2018 when they had their biggest impact on social media. “We reach our highest on social media in 2018 when the Facebook page “Official Motörhead” shared our promotional video that reaches 300.000 views in one day. Recently, Mikkey Dee sent us a video of greetings for our drummer and for all the band.”

“Lemmy’s likes to remember “don’t forget us, we’re Motörhead” so I think, they deserve their music to be played loud and continue to inspire people forever. We choose to play the most significant songs and our set list is vicious as possible.”

Be sure to check out the amazing videos of the Motor Queens who rock to the beat of Motor Head and the only all female tribute band to the legencary Motor Head band and are truly worth experiencing and as a rock band stick to their hearts when it comes to playing music from their favorite band. “We’re very united and in particular when we’re on stage kicking asses.”

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