Belushi Speedball Deliver the Pizza!

Belushi Speedball are out to take over the world with pizza! Yeah, the Louiseville, Kentuck thrash metal band are back with a wild vengence igniting stages on fire with their energetic, raw power and wild shows that take their musical experience to another dimension in the music world. One taste and you will be hooked and having a blast along the way especially if you get to experience a live performance that delivers fast past high energy music with plenty of theatrics with a heavy dose of humor…but what else would you expect with influences that include Gwar, The Insane Clown Posse, Anthrax, Toxic Holocaust and Municipal Waste.

Belushi Speedball formed as a studio project in 2013 and reached a decade of decadance with three albums including their hot new release in May of “My Favorite Color is Pizza”!

Belushi Speedball include Vince Castellano on bass/lead vocals, Alex Rsosas on drums, Chase Bensing on guitar and Senor diablo on drums. You will also find a wide cast of musicians stepping in at any given time or show as Belushi Speedball are always ready to start a rock n roll party!

Belushi Speedball released Prepare for Trouble in 2019; Jazzy Romans in 2022 and just unleashed Stelkira this year.

Vince Castellano said, “We are the world’s premiere cliché generic crossover thrash band. Everyone is invited to be a part of this family!

“Contrary to popular belief (our metal encyclopedia actually has it wrong) we are named after Jim, and his love of Sonic Spin Ball for the Sega Genesis. But that knuckle head calls it Sonic speed ball!”

Speaking about major influences Vince said, “I LOVE ICP (Whoop Whoop)! They are marketing geniuses and just overall incredible musicians. I don’t think they get enough credit. I also love Gwar, which is obvious with our live shows. Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust, DRI, SOD, Vio-lence. I’m a huge crossover thrash fan, and anything Neil Beardsley puts on the “New Wave of Thrash” page I 100% will party with. Also, I am influenced by anything from my child hood that is fun. Ninja turtles, transformers, Spongebob, Super Nintendo, Anime, etc. I try to incorporate all the nostalgia in our music. I started Belushi as a studio project using his method, with the intention that when we play live, we can use different musicians then on the album. However, as the band has evolved, we currently have a really solid core line up” (with various theatrical members coming in and out).

Belushi Speedball have been no fluke. They have been creating wild music and havok for a decade now since forming in 2013 and have many memories along the way and as far as biggest accomplishments (which may have yet to come) Vince points to a special event. “At the time of writing this, we are going to head to Milwaukee Metal Fest this weekend. This is a really big deal for me because 20 years ago, I played my very first show at the same venue (I grew up in Milwaukee). This is sort of a homecoming for me, and I grew up with Milwaukee Metal Fest being a staple show. I now get to headline our stage, and my mom is going to be there, and making her proud really means the world to me. An added bonus, I invited my original band mates from high school to come join us for the set. Honorable mentions are playing The Gathering of the Juggalos, and heading to Europe to play Obscene Extreme.”

Belushi Speedball just dropped their new album in May Atellkira. “Stellkira is named after my favorite movie “Akira” and my cat, Stella. I combined them together to come up with the name. There really isn’t any meaning behind it other then the dope ass cover art we had Andrei Bouzikov make for us. Which is based on the aforementioned things. The new album is my personal favorite collection of music we have compiled so far. I feel it really is our strongest release and a great representation of what to expect, when you see us live. The inspiration for every piece of music I write, is what will this feel like live. Belushi shows are always a party, and I wanted to make music that the fans could dance to. We have been playing some of the album out live, and it really has been a great response from the fans.”

“We really just want to have fun. Our shows are super theatrical and we love to make a mess with the various props. Our biggest goal is to have all of the fans watching us destroy the venue (metaphorically) and get fully emerged in the experience. The number one goal of any Belushi set is full crowd engagement. Our music encompasses this philosophy also.”

Belushi Speedball is not about to slow down and have plenty of things in the works for their fans and new fans to look forward to. “Working on that next Belushi album!!!! Really wanting to go back and re-record our favorite tracks from the album prior to our 7 inch (this is what we look like). Everything prior to the 2020 release just does not have the same production level. Also a lot of those songs are not recorded at the speed we actually play them at. So really hoping to give them that Street Fighter HD Hyper Fighter Alpha Ultimate remix. We have a lot of festivals and shows coming up. We are currently unsigned, it’d be dope to get to work with a decent record label. But we plan to continue playing shows and writing music! 16. Any additional comments about your band, your mission, your mission? We also have some of the most insane and obscure merch items. Just to continue on the trajectory we are. Playing as many shows as possible, making more friends, releasing more music, and having more people listen to us. It has been an incredible journey so far. We highly recommend everyone go to our Bandcamp and check it out. Grab that new single on a physical slice of pizza!”

You need to experience Belushi Speedball in a live show because it is something that I am quite sure you have never experienced before and may never experience again in your life! It is a non stop untamed party on stage and intense music to back it up with plenty of energy and wild insanity. A must see….make that must participate musical experience of a lifetime!

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