Bad Skin are taking on the world with their energetic and fiery music loaded with plenty of angst, energy and rebellion. They are ready to set the world on fire and create a revolution. Are you ready to join the cause or get left in the cold? Bad Skin are on a mission to rock your world with energetic music with a message and a cause. Are you ready to join their fight?

Bad Skin are from Montreal, Quebec Canada and forTmed in 2015 with Tamara Goldames-Morales (Dope) on lead vocals/rythem guitar; Caroll-Ann Joseph (Victoria) on lead guitar;Aurly Coron-Parent (Gigi)on bass; and Chrstine Boudard (Hazy) on drums.

“We are an all girl punk band from Montréal. I am originally from Chile but lived all my life in Montréal. We are not afraid to kick ass!”, said Tamara. “It’s really when I discoverd artists like nirvana , L7 and Hole. I always wanted to sing but it was at that moment that I wanted to have a band. And the fact that we are all girls just came because life circumstances, it wasn’t planed . It was just what feld right. I tried to have bands with dudes but they were not serious or had something else in mind other than music. So I just said: « let me form this band from scratch ». Let’s be only girls so we can all have a safe space. At the begening, we had to prouve ourselfs to people from the scene (that was mainly guys back then) we were trying to play fast and heavy songs. Trying to show that girls could rock as hard as guys. Then little by little, we gain respect from the scene. Its was like people were judging us at first but then when they would see us play they would be like: ok this girls can play. I could see on peoples eyes that they hated the fact that they loved the band.”

The result is an excelllent display of raw and energetic music with an attitude and energy like no other. It is not only intense but addictive music that will have you coming back again and again for more. The new single is “We Are All Girls” b/w the Jefferson Airplane cover of White Rabbit, to capture the female movement and to lure in the older generation. The song was done with the Rumkicks an all female band from South Korea. “We are the girls: we wanted to create a girl anthem inspired by big punks band that inspired us like cherry bomb/rebel girl we were looking for another girl to match our energy and fierceness, from somewhere else in the world (showing that punk crosses boundaries and frontiers). Unique voice of the singer (Yeawon, from Rumkicks) and similar values, similar experiences, more women on stage, collaborating, showing the power of women solidarity White Rabbit: I always loved Jefferson Airplane so I was already a fan of this song. We knew that we could reach a more vintage crowd by covering this song. We love to try new things and new challenges. We put a tone of energy and time on the video clip. You should check it out its literally a short movie.”

When it comes to live shows, you are going to get the same energy and intensity from their recorded music with anv extra edge of inetnsity and fire. “Our shows are very engaging ! We jump into the crowd. We like much pits. So you can expect a lot of energy. Concerning the attitude we just like to own the stage like bad asses.”

“I don’t really care what people think of us. We have accomplish things people would had never imagine. The only one thing I can say is: own you art ! But you mind, your heart and soul into it. Be smart about it and take it seriously. And fuck what haters say.”

Bad Skin are one band you need to experience and listen to. They bring the fire and intensity to punk rock and leave you wanting more. You can find them on social media as well as their web site. If you get a chance to see them live be sure to support their cause!

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